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JK Rowling denied top US honour because she's a witch. Good job USA.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling missed out on a top honour because some US politicians believed she "encouraged witchcraft", it has been claimed.

Matt Latimer, former speech writer for President George W Bush, said that some members of his administration believed her books promoted sorcery.

As a result, she was never presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The claims appear in Latimer's new book called Speechless: Tales of a White House… Continue

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Religious life won't be the same after downturn

NEW YORK – Organized religion was already in trouble before the fall of 2008. Denominations were stagnating or shrinking, and congregations across faith groups were fretting about their finances.

The Great Recession made things worse.

It's further drained the financial resources of many congregations, seminaries and religious day schools. Some congregations have disappeared and schools have been closed. In areas hit hardest by the recession, worshippers have… Continue

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On November 18, 1992, more than 1,600 scientists, including 104 Nobel laureates, from around the world endorsed a warning. Here's what they said.


Human beings and the natural world are on a collision

course. Human activities inflict harsh and often

irreversible damage on the environment and on critical

resources. If not checked, many of our current practices

put at serious risk the future that we wish for human

society and the plant and animal kingdoms, and may so alter

the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in

the manner that we know.… Continue

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A little look into Norway

Extras from Michael Moore's "Sicko". Does France really have the best health care system in the world? If you thought the Canadian and British systems made the U.S. look bad, brace yourself. In this chapter, we visit a country that blows them all out of the water. Come visit the country that was too extreme, too controversial and too scary to make it into 'SiCKO.'

Pretty interesting in depth look into Norway. What are your guys thoughts? Especially about the… Continue

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