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American Humanist Association Lawsuit: Why We Are The Most Hated Minority In America?


AHA is suing to keep a Christian monument from being purchased by city council funds and placed on public property. 

And we wonder why they hate us?

Fuck all that. I don't want my city paying $50k for a monument of a…


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The Official Think Atheist Drinking Game

Chat is now mobile! Play on the go!* (Thank you, Dan!)  *Responsibly (you're welcome Misty.) 

Do a shot, have a sip or take a toke (Or all three!) each time you're in chat and see the following: 

1) Morgan, a mod or an admin enter the chat!

2) Someone posts a random song or video link.

3) Ad Hominem 

4) Pascal's Wager

5) No True Scotsman Fallacy

6) Hasty Generalization

7) Begging the Question

8) False…


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...and now I wait to die.

6 liters of 100% pure cranberry juice and an entire pack of  Cystex later, I'm still pissing blood. 

It's been four days. 

I'm not going to be seeing a doctor anytime soon because .... 'Ermerica! 

But that's beside the point. 

Generally when I'm on my own for healthcare, I order aquarium antibiotics online. They go through more purity testing than the livestock stuff I have for my homestead. I can't wait another three days for them to…


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So the Pope said I can go to heaven...

...and that's pretty cool of him. 

I knew there was a reason I wasn't trolling this guy's Twitter account. 

Now, I'm no fan of the job, in general. But this guy seems alright! 


My good works are animal adoption charities, veterans programs and of course, my Plant a Row Program,…


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Why you so angry, atheists? Whyyyyyy?

Let's get something straight.

Not everyone that's perceived as a bitch is actually unhappy. 

Let's get another thing straight. 

I'm a bitch. 

Knowing just what to say and when to say it is a talent of mine.

If the words I type piss you off, usually that was my exact intention. Thanks for playing.

Please don't mistake my mockery for misery. I'm not unhappy, in fact, I'm  laughing at you right…


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Reproduction by religion: Personal opinion.

Atheism to me defines only what I don't believe in. 

Figuring out what I do? What I stand for? The conclusions I come to based on my observation of human behavior?

Slightly more complicated. 

Ok. Much more complicated. 


We don't get a user manual. We don't have dogma to follow or holy men to tell us what to do or how to think. As an American, I'm sort of used to that and looking to fill a void. 

With my OWN conclusions! 

How dare…


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Homeless and needing a state. Please advise.

Dear TA,

You have been with me through the Taiwanese underwater earthquake that killed my internet for over a month on the island of Koh Samui.

You have been with me when I literally had to scale a godamned mountain in Vietnam to get cell phone coverage to upload contributions to this site.

You have been with me through protests in Phuket, Songkran in Pattaya and schooling in Scotland.

So before we get started on this new journey, how about you just tell me what works out… Continue

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The significance of technology advancement in the development of human behavior.

When my mother and her twin sister were children, they used to pretend that they had telepathy. 

I don't have to pretend. 

I have unlimited text messaging. 


The evolution of travel has been amazing, just in the course of a very few lifetimes. 

Across-Ocean travel has gone from an anomaly to a rarity to occasional to daily. 

The time it takes has been reduced significantly with each step along the way. 

(Adaptation and evolution. It always…


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And this is why I'm atheist #1

Pope Tweets for First Time



If only Saint Peter could have sent a direct message to the Galatians. The first pope never had the chance, but his successor in the apostolic succession, Benedict XVI, has joined the microblogging service. The first…


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Virtual Lapdance from yours truly! (Maybe NSFW?)

Ladies, Gents and one probably unconsenting Sloth,

I hereby present you with your prize. True to my word and as promised, here is a virtual lapdance for each and every one of you! Enjoy!





Ok. I won't lie. It's actually a little creepy..

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The most horrifying thing I've seen in my generation. Abortion.

Wow. This is crazy. This is shit my grandmother had to face. Are we devolving? Is this what Iran looked like before the revolution? 




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What stage are you, oh militancy?


I don't self describe as an atheist. 

Because I'm not 'an atheist.' 

To assume so would to put far more importance than on what the word is worth. 

If I had to pick out a hundred words and list them in the order that described me, there would be plenty higher on that list. First and foremost, I'm a woman. I guess physical biology gets the most credit. Then I guess I'd be a diver, because I spend way more time on dive related activities than I do atheism. Maybe…


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The law! (NSFW language)

I am so fucking sick of this argument. 

I've been trolling the shit out of Facebook for the last week or so. I can't help it. That's what I do when I have writer's block. I go annoy other people. It makes me feel better. So lately, I've been stirring up hornet;s nests whenever I get the opportunity. 

Since I'm not an idiot, I've noticed this predictable progression. 

Arguing with Republicans (at least those that I know) is just like arguing with Christians. Maybe that's…


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Traditions in Atheism

I generally dislike the label 'holiday.' 

Being someone who is atheist, I stand on general purpose. 

'Holiday' comes from 'Holy Day' or a religious-centric word. 

I prefer the much more P.C term of 'observation day.' 

Maybe I'll insist on calling it 'obserdays.' 

Obserdays. I like that. It sounds a lot like Absurdities. And of course it is a little tongue-in-cheek mockery of theistic traditions. 

Cultural memes. Religious memes. They differ from…


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Communities within communities. Social interaction for pack animals stuck in hive animal environments. (Aka, someone rescue me from the BURBS!)

Hey foodies, do-it-yourselfers and all others strangely obsessed with the 'I can do it so much better for so much cheaper' attitude. 

Hell, this will probably apply to environmentalists, greenies, locavores, anyone interested in very passive civil disobedience and probably a few cultists, too.  (Cus let's face it. My atheist commune plans are something of weird urban legend here in the bay area. ) 

I am one of those people that finds a keen sense of satisfaction in the fine…


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OBL Death Pictures (Probably fake, but that's beside the point.)

A quick search on Google will bring them up,(mostly discredited.) but no... I am not going to post them here.


Well, because I'm lazy. That's basically that. I don't believe in any dignity in death. At the end of the day, we are all made out of meat.

Nor do I fear retaliation from anyone.

I just figure I had to type it in to image search, you can too, if you are interested.

I will admit that I did have a look. Not just at the OBL post-mort but ALL those that… Continue

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What are your values?

Without god(s) to tell me who to hate and who to love, I have to find my own way. 

These are my values.



1) Judgement. 

"Judge not least.."

Nope. Wrong again.

For those of you that spread pain, I judge you.

Not by skin color. Not by ancestry. Not by blood or body type. 

By actions.

If you make a decision to cause suffering to another person and hide behind an excuse of religion, culture, preference or simple agreement…


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Facebook Drama Stuff

Right, so... someone posted about their buddies being 'deeply hurt' about all the antitheist posts he was making on Facebook. Like Catholic Priests aren't FB fodder enough? :)

So hey man..I can't find your thread cus I'm reaaaaaaaalllly drunk right now, but I wanted to share this with you:

I've been 'out of the closet' to all of my friends and most of my relatives for like three years now. For the most part, the dust has settled and we are all begrudgingly on speaking terms…


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How very sad.

I just realized something today.


We will never see a Muslim in the White House.

Not in our time.

That isn't what makes me sad, though. What makes me sad is that when I realized this, I also realized it also means we will never see an Atheist in the White House.

Not in our time. 


Added by Misty: Baytheist Living! on April 25, 2011 at 9:12pm — 11 Comments

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