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Oh the silly Truth arguments

I believe that truth is relative. That is my truth. Christians believe in Jesus, that is their truth. I also believe that no one can say "I have the absolute truth". That is my truth.

So I post a link to a video where Bill O'Reilly is slamming Obama for his "lack of religion" on FB and ten seconds later, a friend of mine, mind you more than half of my friends on Facebook are Christian, posts this: Chase: and if ya swear that there's no truth, and who cares, how come you say it.. like… Continue

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Yay hypocrisy! :D

This girl who I'd been friends with had started harassing me when I started posting atheist related posts on my livejournal. She cussed me out and wrote how both christians and atheists are the same and the only 100% true religion out there was agnosticism. If you guys want I can copypaste it. Needless to say, we are no longer friends. So recently, on her profile on a site we're both on, (Gaiaonline, yes, I am a geek) she said that she hated atheists and that they were vile scum, and that she… Continue

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Oh Miss California

Firstly, you do not alienate people like that. You're in a bloody pageant. And secondly, nice parting shot there. "I feel sorry for him and I will pray for him" (about Perez Hilton) What a laugh. Prayers won't "cure teh ghey" and make people closedminded like you and your country-- I mean, your family. -cough bs cough-

Sorry if you disagree with me, guys. I'm bi and I want to be able to get married to a girl if I bloody want to. The fact that this bullcrap is okay with people really… Continue

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I pose a question

Is telling kids stories like La Llorona and the boogeyman the same as teaching them about god?

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Yay for fundies!

I finally got the age old adage of "I'll pray for you" as a response to an argument. I'm amused.

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This site rocks. I just downloaded my first podcast, and it's from here. <3

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I was looking through the bibles for a cheap like 5 buck thing so I could study the old testament. My best friend, who is recently devout, decided to buy me a pink shiny new bible. I feel awful for accepting this gift, for most of what it's going to is just to read to just cement how I felt about this book as an agnostic in the church.

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