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Married GOP Pusher of Abstinence-Only Admits to Affair with Intern

Insert fake shock here. Yet again, a conservative Christian who works constantly to force his unscientific and ineffective abstinence-only views is unable to hold himself to his own moral propaganda.

Meet Tennessee state senator Paul Stanley. He's a solid conservative Republican and married…

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Sam Harris on Francis Collins

Up to now, I've had nothing to say about the nomination of Francis Collins to head the National Institutes of Health, mostly because, outside of his work with the Human Genome Project, I have little knowledge of his views and abilities. However, I have been keeping an eye on what skeptics and secular thinkers have to say about the man, and the reaction has been largely mixed.

On one hand, Collins' scientific background is exemplary and shows him to be a serious, dedicated man of… Continue

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Leaked Scientology Documents Show Paranoia and Control

(via wikileaks and The Primate Diaries)

This 4-page document presents an oppressive waiver prospective Scientology cult members must sign. The document is formally titled the…

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Religious Discounts at Denny's and Elsewhere

According to James Randi Educational Foundation blogger Jeff Wang, a Euless, Texas Denny's offered a 10% discount and a 10% donation to the church of any customer who attended that church. When Wang asked how a non-believer might take advantage of the offer, the Denny's crew was stumped. (… Continue

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Literal Interpretation Fallacy: A Rant

(previously posted on FB, resulting from this article about the Catholic Church excommunicating people involved with helping a 9-year old rape victim obtain an abortion, and a debate I had recently with an in-law. I thought you all might enjoy.… Continue

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(I believe this is an excellent source for anti-theists and evolutionists when it comes to documenting how overwhelming scientific support is for old-earth and common evolutionary origins of all lifeforms, and I wanted to quote it in full to aid in debates against creationists. This document was signed by the Academies of Science (or their equivalents) of 67 nations (and one… Continue

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Young-Earth Creationism versus Science: My recent debate with an in-law believer

I'm posting this series of comments made to a Facebook link I posted there, doing so here so this community can hopefully gain some help in a similar situation. I also seek critiques and comments from you all about where I could have presented better arguments or avoided pitfalls, so please critique anywhere you see a flaw. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I do believe it to be useful to someone in its entirety.

After the fact, as a separate link on FB, I… Continue

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