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What are you going to regret some day?

Odds are its missing an opportunity.

Missing out on telling someone how you feel. Not taking that chance. Just because you thought it might end badly. You just let it pass you by because you were too afraid to not give it a real try.

Thats what you are going to regret some day.

I have done some things I wish I hadn't. Things that I think I would take…

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I'm so proud...

So, I work with this girl, lets say her name is Samantha. Samantha grew up Mormon. *i know you are rolling your eyes, cause i kinda did too...*

So what you say. who cares about this Samantha?

I know i wouldn't normally, but Samantha had the courage to escape.

Samantha is 18, so newly 18 that shes been 18 for less than 2 months.

Samantha has already moved out on her own and is living a religion free life. and is very happy.

So while at work… Continue

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somethings off

Just a little something i have noticed lately.

My mom.

To give you some back story she is Catholic. When I was born she attempted to have me baptized with out the permission of my father. she and my aunt went to do it with out him knowing and the church wouldn't do it with out the consent of my father, which i think is the only smart thing i can sat the church has done...

She does not attend church, but claims to pray nightly. she has a rosary in her car and one… Continue

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Proof there is no god...

I purchased "The god delusion" maybe 2 years ago and read it and fell in love with it. Its funny, and I enjoy Dawkins writing style.

But My favourite part of the book is where he quotes Gaskings reconstructed "proof of goods non existence" by W. Grey:

1.The creation of the world is the most marvelous achievement imaginable.

2.The merit of an achievement is the product of (a) its intrinsic quality, and (b) the ability of its creator.

3.The greater the disability,… Continue

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I wanted to post a little post about this particular site.

Think Atheist.

What a great idea.

As an atheist, for as long as i can remember I have felt left out in most situations, at family functions, with my friends, people i work with, guys that I have dated.

So many of us are weary about telling people about our lack of faith in a man who "has a beard and sits on a cloud and judges us" i mean doesn't that sound JUST like Santa? so if Santa isn't… Continue

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Choosing a religion

I had posted something a long the lines of this on a random site asking questions about religion... and well lets say it was picked apart by um well everyone... but...

I think it is 100% wrong for children to be baptized and forced in to a religion when they cant even sit up on their own.

Choosing a religion is something that should mean something to the person choosing entering which religion they choose.

I was baptized in the Catholic Church because my Mother… Continue

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Very new

As in seconds, at the end of this post, minutes even.

Very excited to get to know some interesting intelligent people... do they still exist? were they all myth? who knows? I have faith. (pun intended)

Mini bio/info

Atheist for as long as I can remember, even when I didn't know the term. 'God' has always been fictitious to me, it never seemed real, or possible. The older I get and the more I learn the more that fact holds true for me.

I love science… Continue

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