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If I knew that you were coming.

Warrior Angel by ~DeathDealer305 A Lot of Salt

Genesis 18:1 to 19:30

18:1 One day Abraham was just kicking it back, chillaxing in the shade under the awning of his big tent when out of the blue Yahveh popped by with a couple of henchman in tow. "Welcome welcome," opened Abe, jumping up adding "please please, have a seat. Take a load off. If I…

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She works hard for the money.

Abraham and the Stars - artist unknown This Land is My Land

Genesis 11:10 to 15:1

11:10 Many men were born, lived, and died before someone finally came along that Yahveh liked. His name was Abram. Yahveh liked Abram more than anyone born before him or ever since. Yahveh said to Abram "Pack up and leave your country and leave most of your family…


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We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Noah's Ark Play Set ($25.75) Noah Gets Some Wood

Genesis 6:7

6:7 Now Yahveh was really getting rather hostile towards creation. People and animals and birds were thinking evil things lately, more than usual. Yahveh started talking to himself a lot about…


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I once was a Baptist

The Lamentation of Christ, c. 1480. Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna. At a very early age I began questioning the logic of my parent’s faith. The answers weren’t what I expected. For instance, why did Jesus absolutely have to be tortured to death? Why did our sins have to be paid for and couldn’t there at least be a better way to pay? The souls of humans belong to Satan because of Adam and Eve and they had…

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Raising Cain

Don't Bring God Fruits

Genesis 4:1 to 4:25Planting Seeds by ~mzdinolatino

4:1 Adam performed the sex act on Eve and she gave birth to a pair of baby boys. One boy, named Abel, grew up to be a semi-nomadic shepherd, migrating about the region with herds of sheep and goats, ever in search of good…


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In the Big Inning

The Bible According to Blog

GENESIS 1:1 to 3:7

1:1 In the beginning the Gods created the Universe.

The first thing you have to get over is that Hebrew plural “Gods” in the first sentence. The Romans got over it with a little…


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