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Fornax - the furnace

The constellation Fornax is one those created by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the mid 1700's to commemorate the enlightenment's greatest hits. It represents the little furnaces that chemists use in the laboratory to cook things you shouldn't eat. I'm sure you can order one on…

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Gemini - the twins

The constellation of Gemini represents the twin sons of Jupiter, whose names are Castor and Pollux. Those two boys are also represented by the bright stars that are drawn as the heads of the figures when you connect the dots. Ptolemy added Gemini to his maps a couple of…

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Grus - the crane

The constellation Grus represents a crane. Please note that we mean the large gangling-legged fish-eating bird, not the big load-lifting construction machine. We're basically talking three stars here so you can sketch just about anything with a…

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Hercules - hercules the hero

Hercules is a major constellation and its story goes all the way back to when the ancient Greeks did a major reboot of Gilgamesh. Ptolemy included Hercules in his collection a couple thousand years ago which is how I heard about it. …


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