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A Special Promise

A surge of ‘knitted skullcaps’ is transforming Israel’s military — and that worries their secular countrymen. The Ark of the Covenant

Numbers 1:1 to 7:1

1:1 Yahweh said to Moses, "Count up how many men, 20 years and older, that are capable of going to war. I need to know how many soldiers I can field. Except don’t count the Levites. I need them to take care of the…

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My Way or the Highway

Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli 1485. Mosaic Law

Leviticus 18:1 to 27:34

18:1 "Listen to me. I am God. Don't behave the way you did in Egypt, running around buck nekid all the time." Yahveh gave Moses a long sermon about nudity. He explained when to get naked, when not to get naked, who to see naked, who not to be naked…

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The Show Must Go On

Cute Overload The Tabernacle

Leviticus 1:1 to 16:2

1:1 Yahveh talked to Moses in the new tabernacle tent and said things like "Bring me the Israelite's best cows and slit their throats and smear blood all over." And of course "Cook those tasty critters extra crispy! I like my steaks well done and extra lean." Yahveh…

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Golden Cow

Charging Bull of Wall Street, 3,200-kilogram (7,100 lb) bronze sculpture by Arturo Di Modica 1989. Worshiping Baal

Exodus 32:1 to 40:38

32:1 What could be taking Moses so long? The people grew restless for mindless rituals and excessive dogma so Aaron collected all the men’s earrings and molded them into the figure of a young cow. The people looked at the…

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Rules are Rules

A Ten Commandments monument is removed from a school in West Union, Ohio, in June 2003. Ten Commandments

Exodus 20:1 to 31:18

20:1 Yahveh spoke directly to Moses and laid down the law.

(1) "I am the only god that helped you escape from Egypt. Don't even consider any of those other gods to be more important than me, ever.”

(2) “Don't make any religious statues of anything at all,…

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