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No Soup For You

Thirsty Camel by English Wolf The Need to Breed

Genesis 23:1 to 26:34

23:1 Abraham’s wife Sarah died at the age of 127. It happened during the time when Abe was ranging cattle in an area being controlled by the Hittites. In great sorrow he negotiated with them for the deed to a remote cave that he used to entomb dear Sarah. Abraham felt old.

Abe said to his…

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Where you want this killing done?

The Palace Harem A Special Mountain

Genesis 20:1 to 22:1

20:1 After the horrible tragedy at Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham decided it would be best to clear out of Canaan for awhile. He relocated his operation to the south in the kingdom of Gerar and just like that time before, when he visited Egypt, he chose to deceive people by telling everyone…

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If I knew that you were coming.

Warrior Angel by ~DeathDealer305 A Lot of Salt

Genesis 18:1 to 19:30

18:1 One day Abraham was just kicking it back, chillaxing in the shade under the awning of his big tent when out of the blue Yahveh popped by with a couple of henchman in tow. "Welcome welcome," opened Abe, jumping up adding "please please, have a seat. Take a load off. If I…

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She works hard for the money.

Abraham and the Stars - artist unknown This Land is My Land

Genesis 11:10 to 15:1

11:10 Many men were born, lived, and died before someone finally came along that Yahveh liked. His name was Abram. Yahveh liked Abram more than anyone born before him or ever since. Yahveh said to Abram "Pack up and leave your country and leave most of your family…


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