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Elective Bible classes in public high school. This could be a good thing.


Article - First Amendment column: Lawmakers re-ignite religion school wars

Emphasis on “could”. Actually reading the bible… page by page – could be very effective in the de-conversion process. Ok evangelicals… we will allow the Bible to be taught in public…


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I think we should take a different approach….

(For the American members)

Instead of protesting or arguing against the pledge’s -“one nation under god” or the “in god we trust” on our US currency, or the “so help me god” in our oath… … we should allow it. We should allow it under one circumstance.

That the word “god” be clarified. “god” is vague. Which “god”? Out of the thousands of gods that have existed…. To which god are we referring to? If we cannot specify which one – then the clause must be removed.…


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Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military


NY TIMES ARTICLE - Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military 


Great idea, but I don’t think they should be called “chaplains”. They should be called counselors. I applaud Sgt Griffith’s efforts. There should not be any chaplains in the military anyways. When I was in Iraq, the Catholic chaplain had his office right next to mine. I would always look at…


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Giles County NC School Board

Giles County NC School Board voted to hang the Ten Commandments on the wall of one of their elementary schools despite the fact that it’s unconstitutional. The Freedom from Religion Foundation has put the school board on notice.



I say let them hang it up. Let em! Let them throw…


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Basically a church a mile.

Went back home (to the Bible Belt) with my wife and new-born for Christmas to visit my parents and my in-laws. They live 52 miles apart from each other. Today while traveling between the two, I decided to count all the churches that I saw while driving the 52 miles. I counted 48 churches. Basically a church a mile. The radio stations were filled with old men preaching about judgment day and the wrath of god. They spewed nonsense how this country (USA) is destined for failure and doomed unless… Continue

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MIT Free online courses:

In light of the rioting in England over college tuition and the out of this world price kids pay on tuition here in the states… here is a link to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) free online courses. It’s obviously not for credit.


MIT OpenCourseWare is a free publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT.…


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Atheist Ministers Struggle With Leading the Faithful

So this guy is a…


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To me it seems that the proof of human evolution is right before our eyes, and you don't have to be an evolutionary biologist or scientist to see it. Obesity appears to have spread worldwide at an expediential rate in just the last 30 to 40 years. The KFC Double decker / McDonalds/ Soda/ Candy/ Your refrigerator/ TV/ Internet/ escalators/ cars/ buses/ trains/ and planes have all contributed to us being fatter then our grandparents and their grandparents. At the rate we are going - we are only… Continue

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born Atheist?

I had an interesting conversation with my father (devout Catholic). My wife and I just had a baby a month ago. I told him my newborn daughter was born atheist. Of course he disagreed. His arguement had me thinking.... Is atheism strictly just a conscious decision? Or does ignorance of a deity/dogma constitute atheism as well? Does a newborn's limited mental cognitive ability justify atheism? Does someone living in the deep primitive tribal areas of the Amazon never exposed to religion… Continue

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Iran activist on trial for 'warring against God'


A vocal female human rights activist and journalist went on trial in…


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I know it's just fiction but....(Judgment Day)

I'm curious abouth the Christian Judgment Day/Armageddon. It is my understanding that Christians (in general) believe that when you die you either go to heaven or hell. Simple Enough.

So what's happening to you on Judgment Day? If your eternal fate was chosen for you at the time of death....then what is there to judge on the "Last Day"? You've already been judged at the time of death. So whats the point of Judgment day? Why all the hype?

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