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The road to a fascist theocracy in israel

 The division in Israel is becoming more and more clear – the religious right against the secular left

Judaism VS Democracy. The lines become clearer every day.


On the National front, PM Benjamin Netanyahu's government has declared an all out war on left wing parties and organizations. The ruling right wing coalition, composed…


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Steven Austin disambiguation

I tried looking up info on creationist geologist Steven Austin, but couldn't find any links other than creation wiki. can anyone help? i'm mostly interested in debunked works. 



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requested quote from the koran

I rerember seeing a quote a few years back, i think it was from the koran or hadiths, saying something along the lines of - "allah is allowed to contradict himself"


i recently tried to goole it and found nothing.


help anyone?



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Jewish Kosher laws

In my previous post I described the evolution of Judaism over the past 3000 years. In a nutshell- after the destruction of the second temple and jewish exile in 126 AD, the jews lost their ability to practice their religion- which was national and temple based. Finding themselves without nation or temple- the jews reformed their religion- practically re-inventing it in a text…


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Judaism 101

I've been on think atheist for quite some site now, and I've noticed that because the vast majority of people here are ex-Christians, naturally the New Testament and Jesus get the most attention.

As an ex-Jew, I've decided to write a post explanation of what Judaism is, as I've found practically no reference to this question here.

So here it goes.

While Christianity believes that God- Yahweh, brought the people of Israel to mount Sinai and gave them the old testament- the… Continue

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Death Penalty

I'm writing this post after overhearing a conversation between two psychologists on the train today. They were talking about how frustrated they are with the Israeli justice system, with its extremely lax penalties towards sex offenders.


the story one of them told was about a patient of her's -  a girl, raped by her father from the age of 4 to 17. Since she was 12, the dad used to bring friends over, and gang rape her. she was afraid to testefy, but when a friend found out…


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Understanding Genesis

Texts must be read in their original language. A Muslim will always insists that if you want to understand the Koran, you have to read it in Arabic-which is true for any text.

Things get lost in translation. Always.

The Christian English bible is full of translation errors. In fact, the strongest argument for Christianity being a false religion in my view, is the fact that the entire dogma is based on a foreign translation – and things always do indeed get…


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About once a month, my wife and I spend the Sabbath at her family's  home.

We're both atheists while they're very religious - settlers living  in the west bank town of Efrat near Bethlehem. Even so, for seven years  we've managed to put aside politics and religion, and get along for…


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The original judaism- pure Mesopotamian myth

The Hebrew creation myth describes a world view completely fitting what you would expect of Bronze Age people.

The original Hebrew opens with: "in the beginning, god created the sky and land" (heaven and earth is a mistranslation).

 Yahweh places a barrier between the land and the sky, perceived as an ocean, in order to stop the water from falling. I should mention that the word… Continue

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Creationists take over stalactite cave

Last friday I visited the Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve near Jerusalem, one of the most diverse and unique caves of it's kind in the world.

I remembered going there as a child, and the new visit managed to stir up nostalgia and excitement.

but it seems that in the ever increasing religious…

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debunking judaism and christianity with style

Hey guys,

i haven't written in the site for a really long time so now's a great time to start- and i've got some great links.

1. A truely eye opening book titled "Jesus and Christ, a lawyer's Commentary".

This 800 page book literally disassembales the new testament, going verse by verse, and critically…

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A World Without Oil?

This is truly a fascinating topic. While not directly related to atheism, i thought it was appropriate to bring it up in a forum of free thinkers...

There's a fascinating lecture by Albert Bartlett, a Colorado University Physics Professor, where he speaks of the coming oil crisis and makes it clear exactly how ill-equipped we are in dealing with it.

The Lecture

As to date, there are NO… Continue

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Just another day of insanity at The Western Wall

Do you ever get the feeling that world war three will start over something completely stupid? Like a ladder?

Jerusalem is an insane place. The world's most fought over piece of real estate by the most fanatical, childlike, stubborn, ignorant idiots around.

2000 years ago there was the jewish temple. Then it was destroyed. 1200 years later the muslims built their own temple on… Continue

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I came across the following site: www.proofthatgodexists.org it's built in the form of a questions game- of "do you agree with the following statement- yes or no", and leads you through having to …

I came across the following site:


it's built in the form of a questions game- of "do you agree with the following statement- yes or no",

and leads you through having to admit that "absolute truth" exists since the laws of logic, science, math and morality are universal. i disagree about morality because you can't put it in the same group as the others but regardless.

it then… Continue

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Beating round the burning bush- hopeless rant on politics in the Middle East.

I didn't vote in the last Israeli elections. In the ones before I voted for the "senior citizens' party"- more as a protest vote than anything else. I've lost all hope and trust in politicians- not because they're crooked- but because none of them has the power or guts to address the real reason for this ridiculous conflict in the middle east that's destroying the lives of so many people- religion.

Every year it's the same thing- moderates on both sides get together, draw new lines… Continue

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Last two posters

Armageddon is upon us!

Chemical, biological and atomic missiles will be launched at Israel soon!

A horrible earthquake will strike Israel soon!

The United States will sink underwater soon!

Harsh anti-Semitism will break out soon- jews who do not live in Israel will perish

The current parliament is the last one!

Only those who obey god’s commandments will survive. Only those who will cry out daily to the messiah, and… Continue

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a few more religious posters

this one was put up in Jerusalem before the latest Gay Pride Parade

It says:

On the same day that the chief of police authorized the (gay) parade in Jerusalem, the president of Iran declared the “count down” to the destruction of Israel.

Israel’s greatest rabbis are warning you:

A terrible disaster awaits us!

The people of Israel will undergo a HOLOCAUST


And he… Continue

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For your attention

There are a few insane religious posters i have photographed, which i would like to share with you.

They are in hebrew so i've added a translation underneath.

It reads:

Hey Man!

Have you got health problems? Problems at work?

Then Know this: secretion of semen for purposes other than procreation is seriously hurting your luck!

If you avoid masturbation and/or having sexual relations out of wedlock- you… Continue

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TRADITION (I need to vent)

One day a year- Israel comes to a halt. Nobody drives, nobody works, no electrical appliances, no drinking or eating- for 24 hours. It’s called “Yom Kippur”, a religious day of fasting and begging forgiveness from god for our sins this past year.

For me and other Israeli atheists, yom kippur is a special day because it’s a chance to walk on the roads and do things you can’t normally. For instance, many people have bicycle races on the highways.

Being the trekking… Continue

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Why religion will destroy the world

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that even if we didn’t have to worry about nuclear weapons in the hands on doomsday fanatics, the mix of 21st century technology with literal reading and uncompromising adherence to primitive text- will itself lead to the end of the world.

And here’s why:

One hundred years ago there were 1.5 billion people on the planet. People used to have as many children as possible not just because of the… Continue

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