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1500 Year old bible found in Turkey

Recently read a news article about a 1500 year old bible found in Turkey. It's supposed to be the oldest bible to date. It is written in Syriac - a dialect of the native language of Jesus. The article mentions that the bible states Jesus was never crucified, he went to heaven alive, it calls Paul an impostor, it's supposed to be similar to Islam and it refers to Jesus as a prophet and not as the son of god. 

Thoughts? Comments? 

The relic was ‘rediscovered’ in the depositum of…


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A Priest Encounter - Aftermath.

I mentioned that I was going to have a meeting with a future priest and my friend. We begun and they just wanted me to ask all the questions, so I began with asking them to defied religion, and faith in their own words. We discuss if there is a Right type of faith and a Right type of religion, and to my surprise they are more confused than I thought - or maybe they are less confused than I hoped. The future priest did most of the talking, he tried to explained to me that there is not one…


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A Priest Encounter

I was chating with one of my friends about the changes I'm making on my religious perspectives, and she became interesting in having a discussion with me. Later she asked if her friend could also come since he is going into ministry to become a priest of the Catholic Church. Apparantly, he is extremely exited about discussing God with me, and hopefully win me over. So the day is set! Tomorrow afternoon!

Any ideas on how I should prepare with such encounter?

Comments, thoughts,…


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The God Particle

While on Yahoo, I came across a website called "Godparticle.net" in which they discuss the discovery of the Higgs Boson or God Particle.

I admit, I dont understand the entire article, although I rushed through it. Is it suppost to disprove the existance of god? or prove something?

And how reliable is this?

They also have a link to another website.... called Quantum Jumping, its title "The Inter-dimentional Quest for a better you"

There's a "warning on…


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WHAT IF..............God is Real..?

Throughout my life I've bounced from one religion or denomination to the next. Growing up Catholic but going to a Baptist school didn't help, and then attending to an all girls Catholic school confused me more. When I moved to the U.S I felt a great door opened, and I searched from one church to the next. Somehow I ended up converting to Judaism (agaisnt my parents will). And by destiny I went back to Christianity (Methodist). Last fall I took a philosophy class that opened my eyes to…


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