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A Wasted Life?

Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I've blogged...stupid working two jobs!

I find it funny that a lot of my blog inspiration comes from things I encounter at work. Today, I was collecting coffee pots and while waiting for the elevator, I ran into our nun. Since my hospital is mildly Catholic, we have a chaplain as well as a nun on staff. She's this itty bitty woman, probably in her late 70's and a total sweetheart. However, as I was making small talk with her, I couldn't… Continue

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The Mighty Peals of Oppression!!

Ok, so I was being a bit melodramatic.

I finished finals last week and passed everything, so I spent some time this week catching up on some much needed sleep. This was also one of the first weeks when it was predictably warm enough to sleep with my windows wide open. Unfortunately, that meant that I was very rudely awoken by church bells at about 8am Tuesday morning.

As I am laying in my hungover stupor trying to fall back asleep, I started thinking about church bells. It… Continue

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Outted on Easter...ohhh the irony.

So first off I'd like to apologize for not being around much. Apparently a few of you have missed me and I am sorry. I have just been redonculously busy lately.

And to make matters was shit.

I had a lovely Easter. All my family came over to my parents' and we had a great lil brunch get-together. Afterward, my mom was driving me back to my apartment in the city. She asked me what I thought of the new church they were going to (where we went that morning) and I… Continue

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It takes a lot to piss Sniz off...

...but today I came across something that unleashed a rage in me like none other.

Part of my morning routine is to pop by one of the popular news sites to see what is going on.

This morning I found this:

Take a few seconds to let that sink in. I know at first it was just "oh those crazy muslims..." but then, an image of… Continue

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Confessions of a Former Jesus-Freak 2: The Power of Prayer

For those of you who don't already know, I used to be one of those obnoxiously perky born-agains. Occasionally I like to reflect upon how ridiculous I used to be and the ridiculous things I used to believe, then share them with you.

Also, for those of you who didn't know, I work at a hospital part-time doing tray service (the bringer of jello...). Usually my job involves taking trays up to patients room and dropping them off. Last night as I was going about my duties, I struck up a… Continue

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The Great Easter Conundrum

Twice a year since I have stopped being christian, I face a dilemma. Being the daughter of two christian/ex-catholic parents, the you can probably guess what two days those are: Easter and Christmas. Since I am still at the age where I spend my holidays with my family, and my parents feel it is necessary to go to church on these days, I usually get dragged along. Every holiday I am torn: do I go or not? And with Easter just around the bend, this question is once again on my mind. Oh yeah, keep… Continue

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Why don't you give up being a moron for Lent?

Once again, the Lenten season is upon us. For those of you who don't know, Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent, is tomorrow. So of course this means all the good little Catholics are out there deciding what they are going to give up until Easter. Of course this means that I am sitting here and shaking my head at the sheer stupidity of this tradition.

I grew up Catholic, so I am quite familiar with the song and dance that is the Lent tradition. I remember my mom asking me… Continue

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That Instant Connection

I had kind of a cool experience yesterday.

I was sitting waiting for my physics discussion to start and I had brought Dawkins' "Unweaving the Rainbow" along to pass the time. From behind me I heard a voice "so...are you reading Dawkins for a class?" I turned around to the guy sitting in the row behind me, who looked like he had been a bit nervous to ask me. I replied, "no, just for fun. I like his stuff."

It was great the way his expression completely changed and he… Continue

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A Poem for Atheists

My creativity comes bursts. Short, intense, mind-consuming bursts.

It has been unusually warm for February in the Milwaukee area, and so I have been spending more time outside lately. Being able to enjoy nature once again reminded me how remarkable this crazy world again and how lucky I am to be able to take part in it. It sparked this idea for a poem, and I couldn't put it down until I got it out. Then I felt inclined to share it with you guys. Now I don't write a lot of… Continue

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Faith's Unnecessary Faith

So yeah, watching the Superbowl last night (mostly for the commercials). Before they did the national anthem, they had Faith Hill come out and sing "America the Beautiful." I don't really like country, but Faith Hill seems like a stand-up lady and I feel the song is actually a much better national song than Star Spangled Banner, so w/e. She did a pretty nice job too; not too frilly or anything.

But then...

After the closing line, she sings out "GOOOOD BLEEEEESSS… Continue

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Love Me, Love My Atheism. A tale of woe.

This blog is entitiled, "Love Me, Love My Atheism, or, Yet Another Reason Why I Hate Religion."

Dear reader, please allow me this one blog post to wallow in my own self-pity.

I think I have mentioned this before, but I was dating a devout Lutheran and pastor's son (ahhhhhh). We knew our religious differences going in, but I guess not to the extent they actually were. It never was a problem because it never came up. Or perhaps we made sure it wasn't a problem because we… Continue

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God must have been bored...or an asshole.

So, like usual on my downtime, I was Stumbling about the internet, and I came across this article. It talks about some Muslims in Britain that want to include certain religious laws in with British Law. In it, the author lists some of these Muslim laws. Some are pretty common sense, but others...

* the right shoe should be put on first, followed by the left;

* you should lie on your right when sleeping;

* you should sit down to eat.

Ok, so I know the focus of the… Continue

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Wisdom from a teabag

I picked up this tea from the store yesterday called Good Earth. It is amazing!!!

Anyways, I was making myself a cup about 10 minutes ago. I sat down and was doin' the little "bobble the bag up and down" and noticed there was a little quote on the paper at the end of the string. It said:

The freethinking of one age is the common sense of the next.

This just struck me to the core. I don't know why. It was this feeling that I, and all of us, are the freethinkers… Continue

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Respect for those you've left behind??

So today is my 21st birthday (you may pay your homage any time today, lol) and like any of you with Facebook can understand, my wall is now plastered with birthday wishes from friends. Some of these messages are from old church friends, including one from my old minister (it was a very small church, everyone knew everyone pretty much). While it was nice to hear from him, his birthday wish left me with a sad feeling. This was a man I had respected for his knowledge of the bible and his faith. I… Continue

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Confessions of a Former Jesus-Freak: The Beauty of Existence

So before I get to the real meat of this post, I need to give a bit of an intro and background. It's long, so bear with me.

Since becoming an atheist, I have realized that atheists can sort of be grouped into one of three catagories:

1. You were born into an atheist/non-religious family and have never held any religious beliefs.

2. You were raised in a "religion as tradition" type of family. Maybe you went to services, got first communion, etc, simply because it was a… Continue

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Christians Throw a Pity Party

In every group of friends to which I have belonged, there has always been that one person who I shall dub the "pity-whore." This is the person who never stops complaining about how shitty their life/relationship/job/school work/WoW Character is and expects that everyone around them cares. A lot of times they also have this sort of "no one gets me and my complexity" attitude. Now I'll admit, a little sympathy from those around you feels good every once and a while, but the pity-whore is… Continue

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