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How to Write Scripture 101

Writing scripture is not all that difficult. In fact, the less sane you are the better you will be at it. Be sure to eschew any honesty, clarity, and fairness. You will not need them here. Rather, you'll want to be as creative, eloquent, evasive, and cryptic as you can. You need not worry about contradictions, for future followers will easily gloss over them and then pride themselves for their mystical understanding and faith. Be sure to stow yourself away. The environment must be…


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Creationism again rears its ugly head

Texas leaders debate teaching creationism in schools.


Debate? The debate is over. creationism and 'intelligent design' are anti-science coupled with irresponsible dogmatic religion. The only teaching of the pseudoscience of creationism and 'intelligent design' is best done as a historical and… Continue

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This is the nativity scene that's at the #Tcsgrv manor. Despite protests... it is staying.

Actually, I have long ago grown tired of the offensive, unimaginative, and repetitious 'nativity scenes' that pollute both public and private lands.
Thus, I have hastily drafted my own version to counter the mediocre versions.


- Tcsgrv

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Artwork Destroyed By an Act of Religious Violence

A display of a lithograph by Enrique Chagoya titled "The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals" had been on display at the Loveland Museum and Gallery and available for viewing by those who wished to visit and view selections of art from various artists and contributors.

On Wednesday 06 Oct 2010, a devout religious believer named Kathleen Folden had, after making the trek from Montana, entered the gallery wearing a t-shirt stating, "My Savior Is Tougher Than…

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My response to a rude preacher’s letter.

My response to a rude preacher’s letter.

Recently I was the target of a hit-and-run preacher who without regard to privacy or decency, decided to send me the following


It contains the same drivel that we as nonbelievers are constantly


with. The message was sent unsolicited via facebook from some unknown


in California who most likely knows nothing about me…


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