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Abandoning Atheism

What you thought I was leaving my local & reason behind for some fiction based ideology, Oh fuck no, no, no I'd never, how could I, I'd be truly betraying 4 billion years of evolutionary success. 

I am only 22 years young, yet I feel I have the knowledge of an elder, tho I exert myself trying to utilize my strengths in science to my peers for their own benefit, they remain ignorant, how could my generation ones who exploit technology every second they breathe be so…


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Arrgghh wtf?!?!

*Takes a deep...really deep breath in* Alright where shall i begin, I'll start my saying I get easily angered by stupidity, & try my hardest to refrain from correcting people. Alright then couple days ago I was on facebook & came cross a video a "friend" posted about 2012 it was a catchy electric song real techno but it had subtitle text stating that in 2012 humans DNA will change because the radiation bullshit this bullshit that, I wrote "it's a cute song but the science is wrong"…


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Extinction of Religion upon us.

Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says


A study using census data from nine countries shows that religion there is set for extinction, say researchers.

The study found a steady rise in those claiming no religious affiliation.



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Robert Sapolsky: Are Humans Just Another Primate?

Absolutely nonpareil neurological lecture to date. Abstracting the metaphor to physical & vise versa fabricates humans from other primates, Good or/& Bad? Sapolsky also addresses neurotic components of dopamine on primates; humans.


Watch Sapolsky's Lecture Here

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Sentient Life.

Driving home catching myself looking at what is left from light pollution from the city, gazing up at Red giants above, staring into the past, millions of years, millions of miles there light has traveled. Compared to their size we are nothing, 1 million Earths can fit into our Sun yet our Sun is nothing compared to Arcturus even then VY Canis Majoris compared to our own star would be like comparing a grain of sand to basketball.


But I digress, All those stars with planets in…


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Imagine a world without...

Laying upon warm sand looking upon the stars & moon listening to the sounds of water slamming against its self, closing my eyes to only open them in a world of my own wonder, colonies on the moon, cities in the clouds, elevators to space stations, cleaner air, healthier people, happier people. A world not to far from our grasp. It could have been already at our feet if the religious hate mongers hadn't destroyed the work of the genius Archimedes. Millions have died & continue to… Continue

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