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I got my T|A bracelet today!

A letter, from the USA arrived today. Very curious - I opened it and there it was, the T|A bracelet, very nice!

I will wear it with honor.

Once again, it is good to be here and you guys are the best!

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I love to create, it is my passion.

Music is a huge part of my life, I couldn't be without it. To sit by the piano and let your mind free and let it take control of your hands is a wonderful experience. Time and space seems to vanish, nothing else exists, just you and the piano - and the music.

I started to play the piano when I was about sixteen. I remember it so well how it all started. I had a music class in school, and there it was, a grand Steinway. I was in… Continue

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Atheists of the Kingdom of Sweden

I started a group: "Atheists of the Kingdom of Sweden", for all the swedes in the community.


If you are interested in discussing things related to atheism and Sweden (but not from

Sweden), you are free to join.

- - -

Det är viktigt att vi försöker hitta de faktorer som har gjort vår nation så sekulärt och fritänkande,

kan vi hitta de bitarna kan vi också hjälpa andra med… Continue

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A dream...

I had a dream that I still can remember every bit of. A dream that had a huge impact on me. I have tried for so long to understand it. So I thought I could post it here and hear your thoughts about it. I would appreciate it.

- - -

I didn’t believe him.

He told me he had the truth.

-What truth?

He paused and looked straight into my eyes. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t.

Damn those eyes.

He took his hand and put it on my head, very… Continue

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Art Uploaded

I have now uploaded some art/graphics that I have created and I really hope you like it! :)

* Ice Cave
* Home
* Evolution
* Science
* Sanguin

1600x1200 (JPEG)

... uppdated July 22 2009


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Sweden and Atheism

Why are so many Swedes Atheists?

We learn at very early age to think critically, to use logic and reasoning. And have for a very long time. And because of this we are more liberal in nature and generation after generation grows up with religion on the side, not in it. You are always agnostic first, then you can choose, religion or atheism.

Here the government fear the people, not the other way around.

Religion is never a factor in any way when you… Continue

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Things to come...

I have uploaded a photo of me, mainly because you have pictures of yourself for me to see; so it seems only fair that you can see how I look too. Not that I think you are that interested, to be honest, but fairness alone is a good cause. ;)

Videos, art and music will also be uploaded in a near future.

Tomorrow I will start making videos and upload them here when finished, and I will keep doing them if there is an interest and appreciation for them. I write music and… Continue

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I have been a non-believer as far as I can remember, and all my friends and people around me; very few had a religious view or background. In fact, where I come from and where I grew up, religion was more or less only a subject in school. Sure, we had a church, but only for weddings, funerals and a place for peace and calm, not to worship God. The priests were more like psychologists, mental healers and wise men and women, great people to talk to when you were sad or needed advice. Of course,… Continue

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Good to be here!

Hi all non-theists!

It feels good to be a part of an organized gathering like this for us rationalists. We aim to make the world a better place and why not start here. We have much to do and much against us, but reason will prevail. We are a minority, but a powerful one because we have the truth and the evidence to back it up.

Hope to talk with you soon, make some new friends and be enlightened.


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