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Another planet.

So I was watching this video: 



In the video she reads a letter from someone suggesting atheists just move to a different planet. My boyfriend and I jokingly agreed, 'Yes let's!' Then I thought about it more. What would happen to Earth if all the atheist, nonreligious, and logical people just up and left? Would the planet just go up in…


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<3! (Love you guys!)

I just want to say partially in reaction to the comments to my last blog say, I love all of you guys! Even when you don't agree with me, none of you have been outright mean or an assholes to me. Thank you all so much for making me feel okay about having a different point of view and keeping me thinking. :)

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My view of the Koran burnings.

I've been thinking a lot about this whole burning the Koran business. So much that I woke up less than an hour ago thinking about it to the point where I think I should get it all out on 'paper'. I've had some Atheist friends talk about this on facebook and I have to admit, I've been less then honest when they've brought it up about my real standpoint. Some of these friends also being friends of mine on here so I might be exposing myself, meh.

So here's the thing. I really trully…


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Another one?

I got another religious pamphlet at work tonight. This happens every once in a while. Used to be a born again christian coworker who would leave them behind. Mostly for me. She wanted to save me. You know, the usual. We'd get in debates and she could be fairly nice but she would go out of her way to bring up religion even when I was steering clear. It was to the point that other coworkers, even ones who do believe in god wanted nothing to do with her. She's gone now but sometimes people come… Continue

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Praying for Japan

I can't stand the horrible things going on in this world. I cannot stand all this praying bullshit. I cannot stand all this WW2 shit. I. Can. Not. STAND IT.

There is not much point to this post, Just upset in general.

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Ass Wednesday

I had possibly the worst dinner ever last night. I forgot it was ash wednesday. Never again. Neeeeverrrr again. There was a table of people who had obviously gone to church. Even if they hadn't had big blacks splotches on their foreheads we would have known. They would not SHUT UP about damn church. The one woman was outright giving bible classes to the other two people she was with. and they were soooo LOUD. I outright hit the table with my head at one point.


I know some…


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Scientologists live in my basement.

I've posted about this on a certain group I belong to on Facebook, but I thought I'd say something about it on here. Scientologists have rented out the storefront in the bottom of the apartment building I live in. I think I may have to do something about this. Updates to come.

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A fight with my mother.

Just got with a fight with my mother. It's the kind of fight that seems suitable to talk about on here.

She became very upset with me for saying I hate religion. She said I shouldn't discriminate against religious people. I told her I don't hate the people, I hate religion. Though I also hate stupid people and a lot of them are religious. She said I was being discriminate and I shouldn't hate anything. I replied that hate is a legitimate emotion and I have every right to…

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Poem made from a friends Denny's based idiocy.

Rhetorical comparatives made from the mouth piece of an ass.

Turning chaos to conformity
formalities then become crass.

From this world of urgency, true importance lies in ruins.…


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