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Pissing off God

Several years ago my Mom called me, very upset.  She was stopped at an intersection in the road and started to pull out when a truck blew through the intersection and almost hit her.   A couple of blocks down the road the truck had, indeed, caused an accident that she drove by.  She told me God was really looking out for her that day.

Without even thinking I blurted out, "I wonder what those people in the accident did to piss God off so much that he wasn't looking after…


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10 Year Old Kills His Father

This happened on May 1st so I don't know if it is common knowledge or not.  I just found out about it today and have been reading what articles I could find.  Oh, boy, I wish I could figure out how to put links in so you will have to forgive me.  Just Google Jeffrey Hall and you will get links to the New York Times, ABC News, Slate News, etc.

Jeffrey Hall, the victim, was a White Supremacist who regularly held meetings in his home.  Apparently he was a ranking member of the Southern…


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Bin Laden's Burial at Sea

There are a couple of really good blogs already on the death of Bin Laden, so I am not going to go there.  I just have one question.  Do you think the United States government really buried Bin Laden at sea within 24 hours?

I have never thought of myself as a conspiracy theorist and I'm not saying that this couldn't happen or didn't happen.

How many documentaries and news stories have I seen that clearly state "This is not a CSI TV show, you don't get DNA results by the end of…


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What is my moral obligation on my lost child?

I like to think that in spite of my lack of belief in a god or religion that I am a moral person.  Not perfect by any means but I try.  (Check out my blog on licensing my dogs.  Better late than never.)

I have 5 children and the odds are that not all of them are going to be perfect.   One high powered accountant, one serving his third tour in Afghanistan, one struggling but surviving in a downtrodden economy, one finishing his first year in college.  If you are counting that is four. …


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Licensing My Dogs - Just Another One of My Blunders

It has been time to take care of this for over a year.  As a mobile home park manager I require my dog owners to have their dogs licensed with the city.  I just hadn't gotten around to do it myself.  So wrong, but true.  I deal with the city a couple of times a month with the occasional loose dog, dog bite and an array of feral cats so I do know better and John, the local Animal Control Employee knows me well.

I downloaded the paperwork and filled it out.  Searched endlessly for my…


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Funny Easter Stories

I have two very different stories of Easters of long ago.  One religious experience, well sort of, and one not.  Both involve one strong willed daughter.


The first was way back when (1984), when my daughter was four years old and I was still trying ineptly to preserve the Christian values I was brought up with.  Dressed in their very new, albeit handmade, Easter outfits just for the occasion, I took the children to church for Easter services.  It should have been very…


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There are some social constructs that explain religion

If we set aside all the fallacies of a monotheistic religion, even as an atheist I can understand some of why religion has a basis in history. 


In a time when there wasn't science, people needed to explain what they couldn't understand.  God or gods filled the void.  Even in those days two plus two equaled four.  If your people didn't have monogamous relationships, terrible diseases would fall upon the people.  Still true today.  I am not saying that lifestyle is wrong but…


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My Little Rant Against AA

One day at a time is a good sentiment and can be applied to just about anything in life. Be it smoking, drinking or any of life's little problems. Tomorrow is another day and it will be different. And life is just that way, some days are bound to be difficult and other days will bring abounding joy.

However, I have a problem with AA and its utter misuse by the Judicial System. First off AA is a religious organization. Staunch members will argue that it is not, but it is. They may not… Continue

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The Industry of Death

Keep in mind, that I have no conclusive facts about what I am about to say.  This is just my observations.


We live in a primarily Christian nation, meaning most of those we know are affiliated with some sort of  organized  religion.  Not everybody, but most.  But this is about the high cost of funerals.


Not just any funerals.


Last week I had to make the decision to put my beloved companion of over 18 years to sleep.  Only I knew it wasn't to…


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Random Ramblings on The Wizard of Oz

How Un-American of me. I do not like The Wizard of Oz. Not only do I not like it, I loathe it. To me it has been totally misclassified. How can this be a family classic?

Other movies that have witches, flying creatures that pluck people off the face of the earth, creepy twitchy little people with strange voices, death threats from the sky and a lying cheating man hiding behind a curtain pretending to be omnipotent would be filed under the genre of horror. Horror! And that is what The… Continue

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