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I made some mistakes, I humbly appologize....

You are all correct!

My post;

Thumpers and Atheists, everyone sounds the same...ending with no answers just denial...of what?


Should have been apart of the forum section or as some suggested not at all!

New to this or any site, did not realize.

I also did not realize I was not being clear enough and a little all over the place.

I further did not understand the way in which I write was anoying.

I need to be direct, thank you all for…


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I would suggest there is a truth in everything...

When reading my blogs and communicating with me, allow me some insight into the man to which you are talking with.


I believe there is a truth in everything.  Very similar to the positive out look regarding the silver lining in everything, I believe everything is based on a truth.


For example pertaining to something like horoscopes;  I do not believe you can per-say tell the future with horoscopes, however I would argue it rational to assume that during…


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All hail Michael Angelo...

At this point I suggest all reading to view the touching of hands between man and God as portrayed in the Sistine Chapel and offer your true opinion of what that picture actually states...I love Michael Angelo, as far as I know he is one of the only people who actually slapped the church and not only got away with it but was rewarded for it with riches and praise.


I do not like to do this but I will pre-program your mind before you do this...what you should see is an image of…


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Suggestion on Mankinds origin...

Regardless of how we got here, it is rational to assume that the mind is or was developed as much then as now. And due to our image of the past being in black and white with innocent ignorance everywhere it is hard for us to understand physically and mentally we are the same then as now. I would suggest the only difference would be lack of memory or knowledge not mental capability.  In the beginning we would have had no knowledge of anything.  We would have observed and out of innocence…


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Thumpers and Atheists, everyone sounds the same...ending with no answers just denial...of what?

I am not thumping but I do wish to challenge all minds regardless of don't get angry, please.

Religion can not smell its own shit...ironically neither can atheists...those things that the thumpers disagree with the atheists agree with, those things the atheists do not agree with the thumpers do agree with, this has been my study all my life...

It has been bred into us by our forefathers, that our blind emotional responses to a truth is the is this way to…


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The worlds simplest un answered question!



I do not wish to answer it for you at this time but I will give you a clue in the way of a riddle, before the riddle let me assure you it can be answered in one word however more suitably a phrase.


The riddle:  The answer is in the question!


I challenge who read to answer this very simple question that has become confusing only to man taught minds via the ignorance of thought held in check by vanity mastered by… Continue

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My first attempt at communicating a new view point did not work and appeared to cause allot of hostility...I see where I went wrong, you were right in your confusion, please do not hold it against me I am new at this form of communication and will most definitely re due another post...instead of writing and posting I will reread and edit it down more to make sense...just give me a few days and then please re read...thank you once again.

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