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Chelsea's Coming Out Story

Morgan inspired me to share my Moment of Truth story! I hope it resonates with some of you and that you find it interesting and helpful in your own process.

I grew up in an EXTREMELY fundamentalist Christian environment (German Lutheran, Missouri Synod) and was brainwashed from as early as I can remember. At 14, I started asking my mother questions she could only answer with "I don't know but God says it's good/bad/not understandable-by-our-fallible-limited-human-minds", etc. These… Continue

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The Art of Living...timely for all you grads! Congratulations!!!

This was on NPR today and I thought all you grads might find it especially interesting and inspiring:

The Art of Living

How does one craft a truly meaningful life? What can we learn from the great philosophers on how to live well and beautifully, even when faced with adversity? We ask the big existential questions as we examine the art of living.

Host: Michael Krasny


Joshua Landy, associate professor of French, founder and co-director of the Literature and… Continue

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Latest hot read for hundreds is the Bible
My mother sent me the actual article, and I found it online to share with ya'll...Truly disturbing.
Here's an excerpt: It's a book awash in blood, teeming with psychosexual drama and rife with supernatural occurrences, yet the Bible is seldom read like a novel, beginning to end.
They advocate reading the Bible like fiction but treating it like nonfiction. How ludicrous!

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Interesting article about the supposed census registering the birth of J.H.C.

Here's an excerpt:

*There was no census of "all the world" (read: the entire Roman Empire) declared by Augustus; at least, if there were, it's not mentioned in any Roman documents that we've uncovered so far. The census was of Judea, Samaria, and Idumaea--not Galilee (where Luke puts Joseph and Mary). Quirinius used the opportunity to also conduct a census of Syria.

*The notion that each male would have to register in the home town of a remote ancestor is unbelievable. The entire… Continue

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Worthy project instigated by

I received a twitter about this from and thought I'd pass it along:

If you go into almost any hotel room in America, you'll find a copy of the bible. If you go into any bookstore, you'll find many copies. If you've studied religion, you know these books are destructive lures, set there to ensnare innocent bypassers. Religious texts can be very addictive, and those afflicted have been known to fly into buildings, veto life-saving medical research, wage wars, censor… Continue

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"Dawkins seeks more converts to atheism" An interview on MPR

From Black Sun Journal, Mar 4, 2009:

"Overall, a good interview. The host comes across as somewhat hostile at first. But she’s just throwing the typical objections at him, which gives him a chance to address them, which he does. He dismisses bad arguments and straw-man accusations deftly and with characteristic British… Continue

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