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Let me set the scene: my friend and I are chatting on Skype, not video chat, typing. We were each coming up with our "perfect guy" and I had finished (I started before she did). She made a list of his interests:

his interests--

SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS> very active> he has to like old movies and ong walks on the beach. he has to always talk about other people and noot so much himself. he has to like to go out to eat all the time lol. he has to be interested in getting marrried…


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A few days ago (just Monday, actually) one of my friends came out as being gay. When I first read his Facebook post I thought "Oh. Yeah, makes sense, whatever."

A few moments later my reaction was "Should I comment this on it:

Wait, am I supposed to hit you over the head with a cross and yell "come back from sin!" repeatedly? (that way, I'll deal enough brain damage for you to think that seeing people differently than others see them is actually a bad thing)"

I didn't,…


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Social Issues...

How do you deal with someone civilly when you're being forced to see them and they don't deserve someone being civil to them?

How can you calmly schedule meetings with a person that you never want in your life again?

How can you follow through with those meetings without snapping?

How do you spend an entire day, two days a month, with a person you'd rather just slap across the face?

How can you be nice to someone who has been a huge jerk to you?

How can you…


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How can one see and still be so blind?

There is a photo I saw on Facebook, and it said "When I see this 'Consider the implications of this fact: when the word became flesh, God was an embryo.' I read this 'If you have four pencils and I have seven apples, how many pancakes will fit on the roof? Purple, because aliens don't wear hats."

I think that this truly captures the laughable absurdity of religion, and shows to anyone willing to think just how silly religion is. But unfortunately, I remembered that most theists who…


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Too long to be a status, apparently...

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Except the words on the internet that I could easily ignore, but instead choose to get butt-hurt over, then get made a fool of because I got my panties in a twist over something I could have and should have ignored in the first place.

People are smart, aren't they?

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"(insert religion) is the best!"

It really annoys me when someone says that their religion is the "best", as in "I love being a christian, it's the best!" around me, as if just by saying that, I'll say something like "Really? Oh boy, I want to try it!". I mean, seriously? I know that you're a christian, good for you, or whatever, I don't really care. I'm not going to convert just because you say that its nice. Do you think I'm not happy being an atheist? If so, you clearly don't pay any attention to me at all, which is a…


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Hello, world.

Hello everyone. I'm a newbie here (just started this account last night) and I thought I say what I plan on saying in my blogs. I tend to ask a lot of "why" questions, especially about human psychology, behavior, and stuff like that. I also tend to rant quite a bit. Thanks for reading, I hope I don't bore anyone!

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