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Yoga a Science?

Okay. So. I'm currently in my Anthropology of Religion class. The teacher (someone who I'm convinced was an acid-dropping hippy when she was younger... she's rather... erm... "ethereal") brought her Yoga instructors to talk to the class.

First, they talk about spiritual nonsense as if it's fact: "we all know that humans are just spirits experiencing the human condition" and "we know that there are higher realms of understandings". This stuff was proven? Did I miss a memo? Is…


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“Commemorating” 9/11


I posted this on my Wordpress blog. You are welcome to comment here, but I would be much more appreciative if you commented on the blog itself at Wordpress.




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How Would You Answer This?

Ok, that sounds good. Thanks for the discussion so far. But real quick, may I ask you this question: What is the inverse of the statement "I don't believe in God?" Seems there should be an inversely logical conclusion. "I don't believe in God; therefore, inversely, I do believe there is no god." I don't believe x; therefore, I believe in the opposite of x. It sounds like a mathematical equation because it is.



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Is this a POE site?  hat is, is it satire, and not real? If it's real, then I'm blocking it from my computer... some of the threads are disgusting. But it absolutely can't be real. If it's an honest POE site, I'd like to join it and try my hand at being a POE...


Let me know... please...

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Need a Graphic Artist or Something... PLEASE HELP!

This is technically off-topic for an Atheist website, but, then, this is the only place I'm reasonably assured to get a response or two, so...


Okay... here's the deal...

I need a graphic design done. It should be really simple to do, because there's no color other than black to it. You can put it on a white background if you want.


Basically, what I need is a computer-rendition of a tattoo that I really, really want. Sadly, I am not an artist... okay,… Continue

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"P.C. Religion" - by Nick Edelstein, sung by Gray Sartin

I played this song with Nick a couple times when I was his rhythm guitarist, but now it's been recorded, and although the mastering's a bit rough, it is freakin' awesome (no, I did not play on this recording... my brother Aaron did do the drums, however, so make sure to listen to them)!


I was down in Atlanta on a Sunday eve tryin to

pick up some…

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Taco Bell Showdown!

Okay, maybe not a showdown, persay, but still awesome...

I went to Taco Bell today because I was hungry and wanted to try the new XXL Chalupa (for the record, it is fucking awesome).

Anyways, it was pretty busy. The store itself was pretty full (I was getting my food to go, though, so I wasn't looking for a seat). Luckily, there was only one guy in front of me. There was a 6-person family in front of him, but they had already started ordering when I got in line. 4 other people… Continue

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Morgan Freeman's "Through the Wormhole" on the Science Channel

The collection of channels including the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, the History Channel, etc, are quite controversial for their programs. Torn between love and hate, critics criticize the programs on these channels for dumbing down scientific, naturalistic, and historical subjects to the point of absurdity.

My personal take is that they have their place. I am endlessly fascinated by shows such as "The Universe", "Planet Earth", "Life",… Continue

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Atheism - a Rough History of Disbelief

So I finally saw this on Youtube, but there's a problem... on every YouTube version I can find, episode 3 is cut off at the very end. Jonathan Miller is talking about how there needs to be a rational...

And then it cuts off.

Where and how can I see what's missing?

Also, the Atheism Tapes are available on DVD, but is this original program also? I can't seem to find it.

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AMEN! (This is Hilarious)


Welcome To B.C. Bookstores

Video Game Store | Los Angeles, CA, USA

(I’m ringing up a young couple for a video game. The girlfriend asks about the game…


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CARM.Org Thread... "Do you think society has improved?"

Hopefully you can read this without logging in. You should be able to. It is 10 pages. But... um... not surprising.

I'm NateHevens on the thread.

I don't know what to think... or say. I'm afraid if I respond to him anymore I'll get banned. I'm probably towing the line as it is. Not that I care. This fool "Defeated" pisses me… Continue

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"YouTube. Stop False DMCA Claims and Votebots!" - I Need Opinions

I made a video addressing YouTube. The video will give the background as to why I made it.

You can download it here:

The file-size if 15.41 MBs. It's 3 minutes and 49 seconds long. The song is a never-released Led Zeppelin studio session called "Swan Song".

I need to know what you think of the… Continue

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I Hope Kent Hovind is Happy...

I don't think any single one of us is ignorant as to who VenomFangX is. Indeed, we all know that name.

I first became part of the whole online atheist community after VFX's second(?) goodbye. In fact, for most of my time on YouTube, VFX was not there... somebody else was manning his account. The first time VFX was active during my time was quite recently. He made all of two or three videos before going away again.

The saga of VenomFangX is an interesting one to me.… Continue

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A Funny Thought Experiment

For a while now I've been a member of a forum called (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry... run by a Calvinist). On there I met a "Christian". I put "Christian" in quotes because they have officially rejected this title as of last week mainly because of their experience with other more fundamentalist Christians. This person I met was a Christian by virtue of believing Jesus is the messiah... but that's it. They reject the Old Testament entirely, they accept Evolution and the… Continue

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Retail | Northern California, USA

(A man shoves himself to the front of a long line of people.)

Me: “Sir, I’m afraid you’re going to have to go to the back of the line.”

Him: “NO! I’m the Messiah!”

Me: “Wow. The Jews are in for a BIG disappointment.”

(He stands there for a second and shuffles to the back of the… Continue

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Judaism (My Take on Faith... a retry)

I feel I should give a brief outline of a different view of faith through the eyes of a different religion.

I was watching one of Richard Dawkins's documentaries (don't remember which one) on an unofficial YouTube channel dedicated to him. In the documentary he interviewed an Ultra Orthodox Rabbi in (I think) Israel about Evolution. I was shocked and appalled at how this Rabbi treated Evolution.

I say that for this reason:

A ten minute walk from where I live… Continue

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Where I Stand on Faith

This is the one thing I still struggle with about religion and how I feel about it.

My background is rather liberally religious. I've said it before, but I grew up in a "moderate religious" family. Half Jewish/Half Catholic... I think I've gone through my journey here (if not, you can see my deconversion letter on

Anyways, the evangelical Hell was something I never believed in, and it was works and deeds (not faith, though that was important) that got… Continue

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Nobody's Fault but Mine

This is NOT the Led Zeppelin version. I co-opted the Page/Plant version from their "No Quarter" album.

(Here: YouTube Video with Song)

The difference is, I changed it from acoustic to electric, added two guitar solos, made it heavier, drew out the ending a little bit (just to make it slightly more jammy) and changed the lyrics. Here are the changed lyrics:

Nobody's fault but… Continue

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USA Blues

This is gonna be the easiest one to explain. Think a mid- to fast- tempo 12-bar blues. That's what this is. I should say... it's a very liberal song, so if you're a libertarian (especially if you believe in the free market) you'll probably not agree with everything here.

Well I live in a strange country

Strange people all around me

Yes I live in a strange country

Strange people all around me

You know I love the USA

But sometimes she makes me… Continue

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