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Where do you get your morals/ethics?

Someone proposed this question to me today, and I had kind of a hard time answering it. I said something about it being based on what works best to preserve and create good relationships with others. The person then asked me where that comes from. I said it's the way I was taught, the way I grew up...but I'm an adult now, so what is it based on?

He asked me is it ever okay to lie. I said it's okay if for self-preservation in desperate situations or the preservation of…


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Video to "ALL have been indoctrinated

This is the video that I mentioned in my other blog:

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ALL have been indoctrinated

Hey guys,

I just had a brief convo with a friend on facebook (who of course is a believer ;-)) He posted a video of a little girl who is three years old. The child is praying and there's an adult encouraging her as she prays.

I usually don't comment on stuff like this but, I did. I wrote, "Thoroughly indoctrinated...but she's cute." He replied that ALL are indoctrinated, just by different things and information. Hmmm...just wondering what you guys have to say about…


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Somebody Help! I've been so Sheltered!

I didn't realize just how sheltered I was all these years until I walked away from religion. The shit was a crutch!!! (Excuse the scurrilous

It's been over a year now of freethought, and I'm definitely happier now, and I FEEL the freedom!

But EVERYTHING, and when I say everything I mean E- VE- RY- THING , was about God and church before this. I was even taught to ask God what I should wear each day (because "You never know, they'd say, "You…


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"Can you do me a favor? I just want you to pray about it."

The conversation takes place between me and someone I've been friends with for the past 5 years. We were discussing some issues that I've been dealing with that have been difficult. She's a Christian, (like the majority of my friends). I know she loves me and cares about me, and she's always been there for me when I needed her but things got a bit unnerving for me when she wrote " Can you do me a favor?" I knew it was coming. "I just want you to pray about it" Here's how the conversation…


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"You HAVE TO believe in SOMETHING"

I can't understand why believers insist that you have to believe in something in order to have a good life.By something, of course, they mean a "higher power", something "higher than you". Smh. I just had a phone conversation with my aunt. I was speaking to her about an issue in my marriage that her and I had discussed earlier. She went on to advice that my husband and I believe in a higher power. I told her (again) that I don't believe in a deity or a higher power, nor do I subscribe to any…


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