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The price of freedom is justice - ban religion!

The rights and freedoms you enjoy are neither rights nor freedoms - they are privileges. When you break a law, the first thing that happens is that you lose most of them after having had an unfortunate run-in with the justice system. In most countries, even at this point you are awarded a few privileges - prison law is a fairly abbreviated version of civilian law, more on par with military law.

Law is an ever increasing body of knowledge of behavior we find to be anti-social. It is…


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Awesome people hanging out together!

I bit of a recommendation here, you could do worse than check out this site:

A. Piccard,…


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Russian history 101 and Candy!

So my best girl friend (note the space) here in Prague has her mom visiting from St. Pete/Leningrad/Petrograd, and Russian delights were of course brought and distributed. I was advised that the top candy was "special candy", and I should wait until I got home before eating it. It's a recommendation I followed, and I'm about to eat it. Wish me luck. ;)

Anyway, the…


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Economics vs. Religion: 1-0

Just found this little gem in where the ever expanding field of economics is expanding.

The whole article is essentially a bit of a complaint that those who have legitimate arguments for a type of God - think Einstein or Habermas' God definitions - gets crowded out (a…


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The Story about banks nobody noticed

Everyone has heard about the Nobel prize, and that a lot of people take it very seriously, especially within the fields it's awarded to. But academia celebrates it's funny solutions to problems too, the Ig Nobel prize.

The most funny thing about this prize is that the winners are genuinely happy to receive it, because some of the smartest people in the world has come together and read one of your works. It may…


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The nascent European Super state

The head of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, will now probably go down in history as one of the "founding fathers" of a Federation of European States. His exact quote was:

"In this Union of tomorrow, or of the day after tomorrow, would it be too bold, in the economic field, with a single market, a single currency and a single central bank, to envisage a ministry of finance of the…


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Respect for religion (pt. 2- NSFW)

Warning: Most of these links contain material considered in some places to be unsuitable for children.

Well, admittedly I was not expecting to make a sequel to my original post, but this story that…


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Respect for religion

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Is believing in God the same as believing in unicorns?

I see this quite often, that people say that believing in God is the same as believing in unicorns.

Well, it is:

"God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn."

(Numbers 23:22, King James Bible)


Behold the Abrahamic God, with all the masculine strength a unicorn!…


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Dare not to sleep!

Dare not to sleep!

I was awakened one morning, by the quaintest of dreams

‘twas like a voice, spoken to me

It sounded afar - like an underground stream,

I rose and said: Why do you call me?

Dare not to slumber! Dare not to sleep!

Dare not believe, it was merely a…


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Good Movie tip

Don't think this will be playing in US theaters anytime soon. And you know it's going to be so incredibly cool when being an Atheist is what saves you from the troll. ;)

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Midsummer multiculturalism

So we are pretty much in June and Midsummer is coming up around the corner. It just so happens there was a party for Scandinavian expats yesterday, and we figured out that we should perhaps try to celebrate that Heathen…


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Academic Dictatorship - Jante Law in action?

One of the most fun parts about grad school was how schooled I was by the professors. Their greatest joy in life was to pick on the students, it was all eyes on the white board or expect to be questioned (read: intellectually massacred.) Anyone's who's ever been called stupid by a teacher in open class knows that it's quite humbling. Rarely, you manage to get the dictator professor to admit mistake just one time - once during a half decade -  and you are the school nerd champ. A title rarely…


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Chicken, chicken chicken?

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Pesky Icelanders

Yes, that is what they are. Pesky, pesky. First, they bankrupt their little…


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Capitalism or Socialism?

These two sciences are pretty new to humanity. Capitalism was first formalised by Adam Smith, but we did have economic systems before that. Most of these pre-capitalistic systems said that people could never be trusted to behave rationally, and should be subjects of rulers. Any opposition was violently repressed. There was essentially a 100% government…


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On Strauss-Khan and (imbecilic) American foreign policy

So the Americans have now chosen to do some foreign policy by official domestic prosecution of a French guy who's possibly had sex. Apparently, a maid is rather dismayed over his pick-up protocol. If you ship over Bush over to den Haag, we'll return the favor.

Anyway, it's not every day state prosecutors and local judges are allowed to interfere in foreign politics, but entrusting the French to prosecute DSK themselves is obviously out of the question. Also, the frogs will definately…


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Christians don't go to heaven.

Admittedly, I have been inspired. And no, not in the way the Religion inspires my gag reflex, but in a rather good sense. More akin to how Catholic Priests are so often inspired to test out just how far they can push "religion" down little boys throats without stimulating their gag reflexes. Since the Religiati proclaims quite often that us "Atheist don't go to heaven" (presumably because we don't want to pay the fare or even sneak on that particular bus) I would like to see if…


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Current Economics and some predictions

9/15-2008 was a 9/11-2001 for what was then the current leading school of Economics - New Classical interpretation of Neo Classical Economics. One of its greatest proponents, Alan Greenspan, publicly called it wrong. This has been the type of economics Western governments have run by for a while - the thing most people notice is the Central Bank changing the interest rate. Of course, Central Banks have always done these sort of things, but the methodology behind it changed…


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Game of life

If one concider the life cycles of what we observe as organic life in light of evolution, it starts to resemble a game. We know that life started at some point, it did not magically appear, and we know that life on Earth will end once the planet is sterilized by the sun in a few billion years. Life on Earth is therefore not just a game, it is actually a PermaDeathmatch game. The winning rule in a permadeath…


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