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American Cultural History - What makes America great!

Well.. admittedly I've chosen a very controversial title. On my side of the pond we have a joke which goes that American Cultural History is the shortest book ever written. ;)

However, that does not mean that there is no culture from America. I would like to present something great, something which more than anything else signifies America to the world, a musical master piece written by a genius as a gift to the world of what actually makes America great:…


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Is the War on Terror worth it? Some math..

Many people think the costs associated with the war on terror has been too high. There are many ways of getting some clarity on the subject, one of them is measuring the socialeconomic alternative cost of how many lives could be sacrificed which would have the same effect. (Take the numbers below with a pinch of salt, they are not the main point.)

First off, I'll need to establish some type of credible socialeconomic cost of the war. Nobel memorial prize winner Stiglitz has provided…


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I've seen Jesus!

Look! It's clearly Jesus manifesting himself:

See the head, the outreached arms, His white robe. It's all clear to me now! Jesus is here, he's communicating with me!


Oh wait.. false alarm. It's only a dog's anus... :/…


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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics - Who are the Tea Partyers?

So I was wondering who made up the bulk of the Tea Party movement. From what I gather, it should be a lot of middle aged housewives. From what I gather, the Tea Party members are religious fundamentalist, socially conservative, fiscally all over the place, and dumb uneducated. Most of these aspects tend to be proxy's for female middle aged votes, but to my surprise it appears from the only…


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The Emocratic problem

There's an upcoming in election in Norway. I've done my democratic duty and voted for the party I've always voted for - in thick and thin. Why do I keep voting for the same party all the time..? Well, for rational reasons. I disagree strongly with their unholy alliance with social conservatives, but fiscal and foreign policy is more important to me.

I always have to read the party programs of the two parties I would potentially vote for - the conservatives and the liberals -…


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A brief illustrated history of the Norway

Well, this is pretty much accurate. :)

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Norwegian humor - prepare to be offended

Norwegian humor is know to be similar to British.. apart from being much, much more offensive. In fact, we usually say Bristish humor is quite mild by our standards. Here's a few examples which has appeared on my FB wall, getting lots of likes:


An american, an arab, a somali and a norwegian is sitting on the train to Oslo. The american takes out a bag of dollars, throw it out the window and say 'we have plenty of that where I come from'. The arab takes out a bag of sand and…


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Gaddafi fighter recounts her nightmare war (and war crimes)

An interesting story in the aftermath of the fall of Tripoli has arisen. Euronews retells the story and interviews a Gadaffi loyalist which has committed heinous war crimes. Follow the previous jump to see the video and read the full story.


One 19 year-old woman was a sniper. Now she is to stand trial for executing 16 rebel prisoners.

She claims that she…


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WTF America?

Seriously. wtf.

If you follow the news you would have recently read that the richest American, Warren Buffet, asked if he could be taxed a bit more to contribute. In France, which apparently the arch enemy of the US seeing as they don't support toppling of random dictators, a new tax on the wealthy is being imposed. In fact, following in the footsteps of Buffet, the rich people asked the French government to tax incomes over €500k (~$722k) at an addition 3% until the French government…


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Yesterday there was an interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Euronews. I would recommend watching the interview itself to get the full impact on just the level of crazy this leader is able spout, however the easiest is to read the transcript. Just like how former Dear Leader Bush coined a number of Bushisms, the Iranians does not like coming in second and have sent…


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Terror in Norway - the lasting impact

There have been two major stories emerging from the terror, and these are some of questions I have to answer almost daily from non-Norwegians (apart from "WTF dude?!"):

Why are you so lenient against the bastard? He should have been shot at the spot! -Because we don't like suffering. We hate it.

What the…


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Twin Attacks - A Revolution is the Aftermath

I'm currently following the aftermath and the only word I can find to describe it is mostly inspirational. I'll try to compile a list of the lessons Norway can teach other terror-stricken nations and a list over shameful events.It'll be a long post, you can skip uninteresting paragraphs if i score a critical wall-of-text hit.


I'll start with the worst.

Immediately after the blast everyone though of Islamists. After the shooting started everyone (including…


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Terror in Norway - the suspect

Now this is a real interesting turn. Unlike the Islamists everyone expected, the terror was done by right wing/xenophobic/neo-nazis. Welcome to the politics of Norway.

The place currently being ransacked by the police (Hoffsveien 18, 0275, Oslo):

(The can is anti terror police, call name "Delta")

Here's the building in a bit of better weather. Note the…


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Terror in Oslo

Gallows Humor

Well, if anyone ever doubted that Norwegians start our weekend early and with a bang, this should provide ample evidence to the contrary. ;)


The Story

So it appears that our Government Quarter (Regjeringskvartalet) has been hit by a car bomb. Specifically, the buildings of the Departments of Oil and Energy, Trade and Industry, and Health, in addition to the PMs offices and the HQ of the largest tabloid newspaper. The Supreme…


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I believe in Science Fiction - or - Religion in the year 4011 CE

My interpretation of the state of religion in the year 4011 CE. Seriously. ;)

In the beginning there was the great creator Roddenberry the Almighty, which himself put down in writing his greatest teaching in the Holy book of Star Trek within four short years ending in 1969 CE. The main protagonist of this story is the Captain Kirk, a figure which never miss an opportunity to act emotional instead of rational. Luckily, he is guided by the Holy Spock of pure reason.



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The upcoming Katla eruption (and possible solution to global warming)

It does appear more and more likely that the Katla volcano on Iceland is going to blow any day soon. The worst case scenario is an eruption on the scale of the '91 Pinatubu eruption which decreased the global temperature by about 10% for a few years.

Of course, the difference between a Northern hemispheric eruption vs an equatorial one will produce quite different effects on the climate in Europe and North America. This includes the possibility of a couple years of failed harvests…


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I have changed the world for better. For realz.

**This post will contain boasting and lots of opportunity for personal attacks, which you may lather on without my giving a damn. ;)


I am quite proud of myself for this weeks accomplishments. After about 1 month of little sleep and much work related stressors, what I was working on came to a massive conclusion on Thursday. (Unfortunately, specifics cannot be discussed due to the sensitive nature of the details.)

I work as a Senior Credit Analyst (the Senior bit…


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The Economics of hooking up at fancy nightclubs

We were sitting in a beer park one day, thinking up a nice controversial research question for a friend's paper. After a lot of bouncing of ideas, I got to thinking: Of all the nightclubs in the world, there are some fancy ones with a cover charge which stings a bit. Some of these again charge half off for women. (I wouldn't know these assumptions for a fact, of course.)

Anyway: How can they get away with this?

Well, for…


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Know your History: 22nd of June

The events that took place 70 years ago on this date - 03:15 on June 22nd 1941 - should be firmly imprinted on your mind. If you cannot immediately guess what I am referring to: Shame on you, and welcome to history class.

To quote Coleman's commentary on Santayana: "Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat history class."


It is, of course, the start of one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history: Operation Barbarossa. The effects…


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The art of logic on internet forums.

Applied logic is a form of art, akin to the art of war or the art of medicine and unrelated to the fine arts. Specifically, it is the art of persuasion - how to convince others to believe your arguments on face value. Humans talk like they think, and usually write like they talk. How a conversation with this person would be can therefore be interpreted from forum activity, and it's quite easy to understand a substantial part of the psychology of others from online behavior.

(This is…


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