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Wage-price inflation spiral - or - How to really "Eat the Rich"

From the basement of amusing theories, I would dearly like to present one fun way to play with the economy. Time to spark a wage-price spiral!

The basic idea behind a wage-price spiral is that workers will respond to an expectation of higher prices by demanding increased wages. This in turn drives up prices which again drives up wages,rinse and repeat. It's a bit of an esoteric theory which isn't exactly…


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I'm starting to doubt Republicans and Libertarians read newspapers..

One of my favorite methods of auto-flagellation is to follow the US political system. From this act I'm starting to gather that there appears to be a run-up to an election and one of the themes is that the US government needs to be cut in size and more economic power handed over to the individual states. The ones pushing the hardest for this is the Republican party in general and the Libertarians in particular. Apparently, cutting the size of government is the panacea to all social…


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Tide goes in, tide goes out - all because of Thor

Silly Christians keep reading the wrong book! Here's the full explanation of tides:


"The king called to Thor, and asked him what he thought he could best do to prove himself as mighty as the stories told of him. Thor answered that he would undertake to drink more mead than any one of the king's men. At this proposal the king laughed aloud, as if it were a giant joke. He summoned his cup-bearer to fetch his horn of punishment, out of which the giants were wont to drink in…


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American Cultural History - What makes America great!

Well.. admittedly I've chosen a very controversial title. On my side of the pond we have a joke which goes that American Cultural History is the shortest book ever written. ;)

However, that does not mean that there is no culture from America. I would like to present something great, something which more than anything else signifies America to the world, a musical master piece written by a genius as a gift to the world of what actually makes America great:…


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Is the War on Terror worth it? Some math..

Many people think the costs associated with the war on terror has been too high. There are many ways of getting some clarity on the subject, one of them is measuring the socialeconomic alternative cost of how many lives could be sacrificed which would have the same effect. (Take the numbers below with a pinch of salt, they are not the main point.)

First off, I'll need to establish some type of credible socialeconomic cost of the war. Nobel memorial prize winner Stiglitz has provided…


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I've seen Jesus!

Look! It's clearly Jesus manifesting himself:

See the head, the outreached arms, His white robe. It's all clear to me now! Jesus is here, he's communicating with me!


Oh wait.. false alarm. It's only a dog's anus... :/…


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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics - Who are the Tea Partyers?

So I was wondering who made up the bulk of the Tea Party movement. From what I gather, it should be a lot of middle aged housewives. From what I gather, the Tea Party members are religious fundamentalist, socially conservative, fiscally all over the place, and dumb uneducated. Most of these aspects tend to be proxy's for female middle aged votes, but to my surprise it appears from the only…


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The Emocratic problem

There's an upcoming in election in Norway. I've done my democratic duty and voted for the party I've always voted for - in thick and thin. Why do I keep voting for the same party all the time..? Well, for rational reasons. I disagree strongly with their unholy alliance with social conservatives, but fiscal and foreign policy is more important to me.

I always have to read the party programs of the two parties I would potentially vote for - the conservatives and the liberals -…


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A brief illustrated history of the Norway

Well, this is pretty much accurate. :)

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