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Norwegian humor - prepare to be offended

Norwegian humor is know to be similar to British.. apart from being much, much more offensive. In fact, we usually say Bristish humor is quite mild by our standards. Here's a few examples which has appeared on my FB wall, getting lots of likes:


An american, an arab, a somali and a norwegian is sitting on the train to Oslo. The american takes out a bag of dollars, throw it out the window and say 'we have plenty of that where I come from'. The arab takes out a bag of sand and…


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Gaddafi fighter recounts her nightmare war (and war crimes)

An interesting story in the aftermath of the fall of Tripoli has arisen. Euronews retells the story and interviews a Gadaffi loyalist which has committed heinous war crimes. Follow the previous jump to see the video and read the full story.


One 19 year-old woman was a sniper. Now she is to stand trial for executing 16 rebel prisoners.

She claims that she…


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WTF America?

Seriously. wtf.

If you follow the news you would have recently read that the richest American, Warren Buffet, asked if he could be taxed a bit more to contribute. In France, which apparently the arch enemy of the US seeing as they don't support toppling of random dictators, a new tax on the wealthy is being imposed. In fact, following in the footsteps of Buffet, the rich people asked the French government to tax incomes over €500k (~$722k) at an addition 3% until the French government…


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Yesterday there was an interview with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Euronews. I would recommend watching the interview itself to get the full impact on just the level of crazy this leader is able spout, however the easiest is to read the transcript. Just like how former Dear Leader Bush coined a number of Bushisms, the Iranians does not like coming in second and have sent…


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