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Survivors guilt

My country was not peacefully settled by religious people, it was christianized. It was forcefully transferred from paganism, sometimes by the use of sword and physical torture. People were given two choices, Christianity or Death.

A few brave heroes chose death.

This is why, if a dictator takes over my country and choose it to be dechristianized by the same method, the very core of my being would be horrified and revolted.


But after it was done, I would not…


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Coolest woman ever?

I was reading up on one of my favorite bands, Jefferson Airplane, today, specifically the lead singer Grace Slick, when I came over this little gem:

Slick and Tricia Nixon, former President Richard Nixon's daughter, are alumnae of Finch College. Grace was invited to a tea party for the alumnae at the White House in 1969. She invited the political activist Abbie Hoffman to be her escort and planned to…


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"God knows"

It has annoyed me for some time that if there is a problem to which an answer exists, but I'm unable to see it, that I've used the expression "God knows".

Henceforth, I will substitute it with "Google knows".

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Random thoughts on time

I remember being told in science class that time move slower in a vacuume and faster as you approach the speed of light. 

It got me to thinking how time would move in a perfect vacuum? Time couldn't pass, there is nothing there to observe it, not one single particle, so there would be no use explaining things by it. It's just not a dimension that matters. So there's really only the up, down and sideways left to use. But what if time isn't standing still? What if it just dead? It has…


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