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The Ten Commandments Are Pointless.

In the grand scheme of Christianity, The Ten Commandments are pointless.

If a serial killer can be allowed into Heaven simply because he repented right before his life came to an end, then Thou Shalt Not Kill doesn't mean sh*t as a commandment.

If every bad thing that we have ever done is wiped off of our records simply because we ask God for forgiveness, then commanding people not to kill or lie or steal is useless.

"Don't kill people...but if you do, just say you are…


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I Need Your Help.

I am trying to raise money for V-Day, an organization that is trying to eliminate violence towards women all over the world.

I have designed a shirt in order to raise money to donate to V-Day.

My minimum goal is to sell 50 shirts.

Every single cent that I raise will go to V-Day.

I will not be making any sort of monetary profit from this.

But I can't do this on my own.

So please help me out and buy a shirt for yourself, your friends, your family, and…


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Thou Shalt Not Murder...

The Bible Says That We Should Not Kill One Another.

But Does It Say WHY We Shouldn't Kill Each Other?

I've Seen A Lot Of Posts On Facebook Saying That We Should Be Taught How To Think, Not What To Think.

And I'm Just Curious To Know If The Bible Gives Any Reasons As To Why We Shouldn't Kill Each Other Or If It Just Says Don't Do It Because I Said So.

Now Don't Get Me Wrong, I Have Plenty Of Reasons As To Why We Shouldn't Kill One Another, But What Does The Bible…


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The Age Of The Earth, According To Human History.

I'm Sure That Everyone On Here Is Aware That Creationist Claim That The Earth (And Subsequently The Whole Entire Universe) Is Only About 6000 Years Old.

Now I Know That There Are Many Methods Of Scientific Dating That Shows Us That The Earth And The Universe Are Much Much MUCH Older Than 6000 Years Old.

And I Sort Of Understand The Processes And Methods Used, Like Radioactive Decay, But To Someone That Is Far Less Scientifically Literate Than Me, Those Methods Just Mean…


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I Need Help With Some Information

I read somewhere about a survey or study about how the less Religious a country is, the more peaceful it is. I think it was called the Pew Global Peace Index or something like that. I know it has do with Pew, but whenever I tried to look up the diagram of this information, I end up with nothing.

So if anyone has a link to this information and could send it to me, I would greatly appreciate it :)

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Zero Rape

How Many Women On Average Get Raped In Muslim Countries?

The Reason I Ask Is Because I Have Heard That The Women Are Forced To Cover Up From Head To Sole Because They Don't Want Them Provoking The Men Sexually Or Giving Men A Reason To Rape Them.

So If Covering Them Up Is An Effective Anti-Rape Mean, Then Shouldn't The Number Of Rapes Be Zero?

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Dear God,

Why Is There So Much Violence In Schools.


A Concerned Student.

Dear Concerned Student,

I'm Not Allowed In Schools.



I Am Sure You All Have Seen An Image Of This "Letter" On A Shirt On Facebook.

What Are Your Thoughts On It.

Personally...It Pisses Me Off.

Because What It Sounds Like To Me Is That God Turned His Back On These Innocent Little Kids Because We Don't Pray To…


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Amish Mafia

What The F*ck.

Seriously...What The F*ck.

They want to talk about being Conservative and doing things for God.

But yet, here's this group of people that are Thugs that walk around with shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

I know that the Amish keep to themselves and are a peaceful group of people.

But this "Mafia" just makes me think...What The F*ck?!

How are they any better than gang members in Compton or the Cartels in Mexico.

Okay, I'm sure…


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How Is This God's Plan...

A Woman Is Murdered.

In One Of The Most Atrocious Way.

She Was Stabbed Multiple Times.

And Then She Had Her Throat Slit.

In Front Of Her Kids.

Her Brother Died Trying To Defend Her.

If There Is A God.

And In His Great Plan.

This Woman And Her Brother Were Meant To Die.

Why Do It In This Completely F*ckd Up Way.

With So Much Pain And Fear In Their Final Moments.

And In Front Of Their Kids.

Why Not Simply Stop…


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I Am Highly Pissed Off: Part Two

I Wrote A Blog About The Kentucky Law That States That A Person Can Be Imprisoned For 12 Months For Not Believing In God.

And Two Things Crossed My Mind.

1: If I Am Thrown In Jail For 12 Months (or for any amount of time for that matter) For Simply Being An Atheist, When I Get Released (or IF i get released) I Am Still Going To Be An Atheist When I Walk Out Those Doors. I Am Not Gonna Worship God Or Praise Jesus At All. So What Are They Going To Do. Turn Me Around And Lock Me…


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The Satanic Bible.

I Was Just Curious If Anyone Has Ever Read Or Skimmed Over Some Of Its Pages.

Does Anyone Know What It Has To Say About Anything?

Does It Have A Ten Commandments?

What Sort Of Philosophical World View Does It Have?

I Would Get It And Read It Myself, But I Feel Like That Would Be A Sh*t Storm With My Family That I Do Not Want To Start.

Cause Being An Atheist Is One Thing.

I Don't Want To Give People, Especially Close Minded Idiots, A Reason To Think…


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I Am Highly Pissed Off.

Kentucky Has A Law That Pretty Much Says That If You Don't Believe In God Then You Will Be Thrown In Jail For 12 Months Because If You Don't Believe In God Then You Are A Threat To The Commonwealth Of The State.

Essentially What That Is Saying Is "We Are Going To Put You In Jail, Even Though You Haven't Done Anything Wrong, Just So We Can Keep You From Doing Something Wrong."

And What Makes This Worse Is That Christians Want To Complain About Being Persecuted. But They Are Not…


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Why I DON'T Accept Jesus Christ As My Lord And Savior.

I Do NOT Accept Jesus Christ.

As My Lord And Savior.

Because I Do Not Believe.

That Someone Else Should Be Punished.

For MY Actions.


I Do Not Believe.

That I Should Be Punished.

For The Actions.

Of Someone Else.




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Tax Exemptions.

What sort of tax exemptions do churches get?

I saw an image on Facebook about how much money the US Government would make if they taxed churches and religious organizations, and it was a HUGE Number.

I'm just curious to know what the churches are avoiding in paying because if they were to pay taxes, the US wouldn't be in such an economic collapse.

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Abuse Towards Women

I have often heard that some of the most religious people in my small town have beat their wives.

Now, any abuse towards women is highly messed up.

But when I hear that these supposed Christians are doing it, it makes it that much worse.

I just want to know if there is anything in the Bible that these men are reading that would lead them to believe that they have a biblical right to abuse their wives.

I know that people wanna say "spare the rod, spoil the child",…


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I Honestly, Do Not Get This Article...


So apparently, the problem with Atheism is the fact that Atheists are optimistic...

And it has to do with Dawkin's slogan: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

And the author of this Huffington Post article is saying that Christians focus on those people…


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I just realized something...

God is BLACK!

I mean, he has to be, right.

The Holy Bible states that we were created in his image.

And there is plenty of DNA evidence that says that the original people were Africans living in South Africa.

And that all other races and people evolved out of them as they began to migrate out of South Africa.

So to me it would make sense that if the original people had dark skin, then wouldn't God, by creating man and…


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I Find This Slightly Pathetic


So these High School Cheerleaders write bible verses on the banner that the football team runs through before the game and the Freedom From Religion Foundation says that they can't do that because it…


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Am I The Only One That Thinks This...

I am an Atheist.

Ever so often, my sister gives me some gossip about how some Preacher has found himself in legal trouble.

Or how the girls that go to Church every Sunday are now pregnant.

Or how the guys that go to Church every Sunday knocked someone up.

Or anything else were a supposed Christian does something that is a moral WTF!

And the same thought comes across my mind...

"I Am An Atheist, But I Am More Christian Than They Are."

And I…


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It's Simply Not Enough...

Why Is It Not Enough.

Just To Be A Good.

And Decent Person.

Why Must We Also Be Subscribed To A God.

I Treat People With Respect.

And Kindness.

I Don't Go Out Of My Way To Cause Other People To Feel Bad.

Why Is Being Good.

For The Sake Of Being Good.

Not Good Enough For Some People?

Why Must We Accept Jesus.

And Accept God.

Why Do We Need Them In Order For Our Goodness To Have Any Sort Of Value.

Added by Horacio Martinez on March 25, 2012 at 12:44am — 1 Comment

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