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The human link connection.

As an apostate, you'll find many difficulties making friends, living freely and your point will never be understood. So you start realizing the uselessness of debate and swear to never bring religious subjects and avoid overly religious zealots.

You never reveal yourself, you hang out with those who barely mention god and try to look for similarities in intellect, domain and habits. You joke with them, you make sure respect is mutual, you try to enjoy your mutual habits (smoking,…


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"Who" Created you?

it's the first question any religious nut will ask a non-believer. and it's annoying as shit. Seriously, Religious folks, WHEN WILL YOU GET OVER THAT?

The question is wrong in its basics. First, it's not a "who" since that is restricted to humans, and using it already presumes that there is a human-like being who created man. and that's religion's first flaw. The obvious humanity of god. From which we can only assume that it was man who actually created god to manipulate his fellow…


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Peace with yourself, War with them.

What's Rational for you is Blasphemy to them.

What's normal for you is sin to them.

The word freedom scares them.

The word reason angers them.

The word Atheist makes them wanna Kill you!! Welcome to the life of an apostate. A life of hiding, survival and insanity.

Their everyday reasoning makes you wanna laugh to no end; Yet you hide it all in an agreeing smile.

You love to smoke, drink and get laid! Too bad the law is against you, Time for pleasure driven stealth… Continue

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The Survivalist's guide to living amongst believers.

Being an apostate amongst religious zombies is no easy task. Especially if you're trapped by modern artificial border protection that pretty much renders any form of escape impossible.

Every dawn you're woken up by the mosque's loud speakers calling for prayer, and it makes no sense to you. And you remind yourself that it's also Ramadan, and you hate the fact that you have to eat and drink in hiding, and that doing so in public with result in a mob stoning you to death, and that even… Continue

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