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Goofing on the Omnipotence Paradox

Can god create a rock that is too big/heavy for god to pick up? Many first year philosophy students have encountered this question. It provides a great basis for which to deny the omnipotence of god. It also drives theists who persist in traditional Christian models of god absolutely ape shit.


First of all omnipotence:


The word is derived from Latin, Omni (all) Potens (power). To be omnipotent, then is to be all powerful. In the case of the Christian god…


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Hitler was a Catholic

Christians on the far right who want to soothe themselves with the untruth that Hitler was an Atheist need think again. Hitler was a Roman Catholic with a profound interest in occult matters. That he had support of influential church leaders is also an unavoidable fact. It is also interesting to note that as a young man the future dictator and mass murder considered the priesthood - something he shared in common with Stalin.




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The Dark Gnosis of Job - A Freethinker's Guide to the Mythology

If there is any text in the bible that presents us with a clear cut case against god[1], it’s the Book of Job. If it isn’t an outright cry for atheism then, at the very least, if you still insist on theism, you might find yourself saying, “Not this god.”…


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Holy Foreskin of Jesus, Batman!!

The nun who ate the holy foreskin of Jesus is not only creepy, but perhaps a little inaccurate. If we assume for a moment that Jesus was a flesh and blood human he most likely would not have his foreskin, being Jewish and all. What it all boils down to is that the medieval nun, Agnes Blannbekin imagined performing felatio on her Lord and savior. This, at any rate, is…


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Examing the Higher Morality of Due Process


The Casey Anthony trial illustrates both…


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Blood Sacrifice: The Violence of Western Religion

Contemplating Jesus on the cross it is hard to miss how violent religion really is. For all its talk about the “peace that passeth all understanding” religion, at least in its Western constructs, is one gigantic blood-letting. Before one finds peace and unification with God there must first be blood, destruction and death. This violence occurs at all levels personal, institutional and societal.


Violence can be self imposed suffering on one owns psyche and violence to the body…


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The God I Don't Believe In

“Tell me about the god you don’t believe in?”  Another question I have been asked. Frankly, this one is rather lame. If I am feeling cheeky I might describe my favorite fantasy. I am a mythology slut after all.


“If I chose to believe in divinity,” I explain to them. “I chose to believe in a female god – a goddess. The feminine has all the raw, creative and destructive power as the masculine.  She has the same bloodlusts, hormone lusts, but she is a true creator of life. Her…


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Recalling Theatre of Blood as the Roman Catholic Mass


Theatre of Blood is the first horror flick I recall ever seeing.


I saw this film in the early 70’s when a network station broadcast it edited for television. I was 7 or 8 and my older cousins were all hanging out in the dark with the eerie glow of the…


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Socrates v. Jesus: Why Jesus' Historical Existence is more important than Socrates

I often refer to Jesus as a quasi-historical figure, a statement which drives the Christians I know into fits of apoplexy. Jerry the Evangelical Neighbor likes to fall back on the most tired of all the basic refutations.


“There is less proof for the existence of Socrates or Plato than of Jesus.” He once responded to a Facebook post of mine.


I don’t know that to necessarily be a fact. I rather doubt he does either. At least I was a philosophy major in college;…


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C.S. Lewis and the Nonsensical Argument for Jesus' Divinity (Follow-up)

Thanks to Derek M for posting the link to the video below of Christopher Hitchens exploring in much more cogent fashion my problems with C.S. Lewis argument for the divinity of Christ, CS Lewis: The Nonesensical Argument for Christ's Divinity.





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C.S. Lewis' Nonsenical Argument for the Divinity of Christ

C.S. Lewis is frightfully dull, pompous and dreary. I have never understood the fascination and loyalty that his readers muster for him. Even as a young boy attempting to read the Chronicles of Narnia I found that it just gave me headaches even before I knew of the underlying themes of Christian apologetics. I must have read or started The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe 3 times before I could stomach it through to the end. The rest were not much better. At the same time I was reading…


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Mini Black Holes

I am a sucker for interesting science stuff.


Mini black holes that look like atoms could pass through Earth daily

(PhysOrg.com) -- In a new study, scientists have proposed that mini black holes may interact with matter very differently than previously thought. If the proposal is correct, it would mean that the time it would take for a mini black hole to swallow the Earth would be many…


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The Myth of the Risen Christ - The Problem of the Historical Jesus & The Origins of Christian Tradition

Last night I posted a video of an interview with Dr. Matt McCormick that argues against the reliability for the evidence of Jesus’ resurrection by comparing it to the Salem Witch Trials. The argument is amusing and reasonably makes sense, although in an interview he had on Think Atheist Radio, May, 8th, he admitted he didn’t think anyone would really bite on the bullet, so to speak. It turns out that there exist those who have.


One of the people commenting on the…


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My Humanist Reovery: A Post Mother's Day Reflection

A middle aged man, undergoing psychoanalysis, returns to his therapist’s couch after a long holiday weekend where he visited his estranged mother for the first time in 20 years.


“How did your Thanksgiving dinner go?” The Therapist asked his patient.


“Well, I think I had one of those Freudian slips that you guys sometimes talk about.”


“What do you mean?” The Therapist asked.


“At one point during dinner I turned to my mother. I…


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A Completely Unscientific Rant Where I Ask if Religion is Addictive as Alcohol or Drugs

? I have often wondered if religion is a lot like drinking – no one really wants to do it alone, especially if you are an alcoholic. I know that was true for me before I entered into recovery.


 As I found to be true with my substance abuse, once I went into recovery I had to clear a lot of toxic people out of my life, especially anyone who couldn’t support my not drinking. The same seems to be true of religion. The only difference is that in giving up religion so many people…


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