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Hooray for opposable thumbs

I, like most people here, sometimes get asked where do I get my meaning in life without God? Where is the wonder? One answer is as clear as your hand in front of your face. Except for great apes, a few marsupials and a few reptiles we are the only species with an opposable thumb.  We owe it a great debt. Without it it’s unlikely we would have evolved very far. Thumbs made most tools and writing possible and gave our early ancestors critical advantages over other species such as better fine…


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Roman Catholics in Ontario show some courage

Canadians are usually viewed as friendly and  tolerant but…

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The Berenstain's find Jesus

Many of us remember Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear, Sister Bear, and Honey Bear. Up until 2005 when Stan Berenstain passed away the Berenstain Bears had appeared in well over 100 books, three TV series and several specials and half a dozen computer games. They entertained and educated children on countless topics important to them from homework and friends to stealing, teasing and other life issues that affect them. When Stan Berenstain died his son Michael Berenstain took over and,…


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Somalis suffer and die as Islamists ban ‘infidel’ aid and tell Somalis to trust God instead

Drought has caused a national disaster in Somalia. Tens of Thousands of children alone have died or are dying from the famine already. Of the millions of people being hit the hardest by the famine most are in areas controlled by Islamic militant extremists who are forcing inhabitants not to accept 'infidel' aid but to trust in God instead. This on top of war, gangs and corruption and abuses by government soldiers, pro-government militia forces, African peacekeepers and Kenyan police. Only…


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Great women of science

Just for fun I took one of those online quizzes called ‘Name That Scientist’ and got them all right except the women.  I already know of some of the greats such as Marie Curie and Jane Goodall but being both an equal rights activist and a lover of science I am embarrassed I got all the women wrong, I couldn’t identify a single one. Shame on me! So  I decided to do a little research and share it here. Science is a male dominated profession and people like Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking…


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What does it take?

So let’s review:

  • There is very little scientific evidence for the stories of the Abrahamic religions, teaching them as true is dishonest. Who deliberately perpetuates lies to children?
  • The Abrahamic religions are a tyranny. Even if God isn’t taught as wrathful (which it all too commonly is) it still teaches of a supernatural, omnipotent ruler who you can not escape, not even in death. Religion maintains its strangle hold through fear and the ruining of its followers…

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Great moments in modern religious quackery

With all of the hoopla around things like Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Tide goes in and tide goes out’ and outrageous slippery slopes like ‘Gay marriage will lead to people marrying robots’ (I kind you not, I couldn’t make this s**t up). I have been getting a lot of laughs at the expense of these people and the other day I began reflecting on some of the other absurd, ridiculous and just plain…


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Religion losing its grip on morality

Religion, especially in its organized form, has been losing popularity in Europe and North America for decades. Norway, Denmark, Holland, Sweden and Japan remain the least religious countries and amongst in their quality of living (here).  Slowly religion’s self proclaimed moral…


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Everyone must end genital mutilation

Let there be no doubt this is a brutal, painful, humiliating and completely unnecessary procedure performed only because of tradition. This is done to millions of women every year usually without proper anesthetic, sterilization, equipment or training. The World Health Organization points out these important facts (here):

  • The procedure has no health benefits for girls and women.
  • Procedures can cause…

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