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Sad movies are the reason I don't believe in God.

I only realized this tonight.

When I was really involved in the church (teenage years) I loved the feeling of being really emotionally charged. Like I could change the world. I loved the feeling of walking out of a youth service in a Wednesday night like i was walking on air. Like I had the world figured out. Like I was invincible. Like anyone could say anything to me and it would bounce off me and turn into rainbows.

Eventually I figured out what was going on. I would go to a… Continue

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This is my first submission to a local "zine" that gave me an atheist section. Please tell me your thoughts.

Hi, my name is Erica and I am an atheist. If that bothers you or makes you angry, I would suggest flipping to a different page. An open mind is needed to continue.

With that said, it is not my intention to convert, ruffle feathers, step on toes or any other saying that means to “piss everyone off”. My intention, is to write a readable article for a “budding woman’s zine”. It just so happens that, to some, being an atheist is offensive enough so I don’t even have to try.

I’d first like… Continue

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Atheist = Undateable

I seriously just had a guy I was seeing tell me that he could never see himself marrying me because I don't believe in god.

I'm a little angry and a little proud at the same time. I'm proud that I've taken a stand and will not back down.

Although, I still want to tell him he's a selfish prick and I'm a better human being than he is despite my belief system.

I think a difference in religious belief is a valid reason to stop seeing someone but he strung me along and then dropped… Continue

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Prayer Chain

I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if what you're saying makes sense.

Example #1: One evening I was watching Extreme Home Make Over. (I know, bad idea.) An entire city was devastated by a horrible tornado. One part of the show centered around this old woman whose house had been completely demolished but the heart warming part was that God spared her rose garden. Really? That line of thinking seems a little backwards to me. Ok, so God was like, "I need to destroy this… Continue

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My Mind Was Just Blown

I need to preface this entry with letting you know I've only recently began really exploring what it means to be an atheist and what implications it has on my life and future. I've known for a long time that I didn't think God existed but never sat down and thought about it. I've now started that process.

I just finished watching Richard Dawkins "Root of All Evil". If you've never seen it I would strongly suggest it.

I am overwhelmed right now.

I am amazed and… Continue

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I'm a god-less heathen

I think what spurred me to really start thinking about what I believe is when I witnessed my sister telling my 5 year old niece that Santa wasn't real but Jesus was. What was worse, later my niece recited it back to me. I felt sad that her mind is so vulnerable and is being filled with the nonsense that her mom wanted to spill into it. I wanted to shake my sister and yell in her face that what she was doing was ridiculous! Neither Santa for God are real!

Uhg, so here I am on this quest to… Continue

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