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Meditation, self reflection, love, and higher consciousness

So I am currently reading The handbook to Higher consciousness by Ken Keyes Jr, and i have to say, Nothing I'v ever read or experienced has opened my mind more than this book. i'v never been more happy or enlightened(if I may use that word) in my life. It's showed me all the unnecessary things people strive for to be happy, when all along it was right here in front of them. Weather that be money, skills, possessions, or anything material in nature. It's showed me, and I'm not there yet, how to… Continue

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Church Dark History

So, my father just told me that I was the Second in the entire church that we go to, to ever turn out an atheist. A long time ago in 1988 there was a kid who was an atheist. And the funny thing is, is that the kid kid was actually somewhat of a child prodigy. Incredibly smart, He grew up and turned out to be a Nuclear Physicist. But theres a twist, When he he got into his early thirties, his girlfriend shot and killed him. This happened fairly recently, maybe a few years ago. Of course my dad… Continue

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What Your "Personal Philosophy"?

While I am an atheist, Atheism only Describes what I am not. And thats a Theist, But recently I have been in search of a Philosophy. I'v been looking at independent Satanism, LeVay  that is, And naturalistic Pantheism and paganism among others. But I would love to here from someone belonging to some of the groups, For inspiration and education if anything. Leave me comment Describing what you "Are"

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Saying "NO" at Confirmation

So confirmation is coming up soon and I was thinking how kick-ass it would be to go anyways, but when he asks in front of the entire church if I profess Lutheran beliefs, to say NO. Right there. With anyone expecting anything. It would a great edgy coming out strategy, and I Think I'v worked up enough Confidence to go threw with it. How I would love to see all those people's faces flash with shock at the person They have know for years and years, saying no at the ceremony. Although I'm not sure… Continue

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