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If I were indoctrinated

If I were to meet another me from an alternate universe where I'm raised a christian, would I have what it takes to convince that version of me that it's all interpretations lead by the ignorant to spread ignorance?

I honestly feel that if I were indoctrinated towards christianity as a child then I would most definitely be a christian today. Not only because I think it is literal brain washing but because I have yet to meet an atheist in the flesh. Everyone around me is a…


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Reading the bible... for our benefit

Okay, so we all know that the bible can be pretty hard to read. Not just because the bible is poorly written, but also because it makes no sense and propagates many upon many questions through our heads.

I must admit here that I haven't read the whole bible and fell victim to its horrendous format and disparity from logic.

On the other hand, I think it can be a useful tool. I'm sure that many of you have found reasons for being Atheist from reading the bible, as have I, but I…


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Completely Lovely

Does anyone else watch CompletelyLovely videos? She always seems to be high on energy. lol

To be on topic with the video, I'd say that any christian that thinks atheists have no meaning in life and are worthless in every way are pretty pathetic and closed minded (though that would seem to apply to all theist logic that lacks scientific… Continue

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Hello Evolution! You are lookin pretty well today.


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My reasoning

So, this being my first blog, I guess it would be adequate to assign it to my reasons for being an Atheist.

Being a new member to this site, as well as just recently meeting other atheists for the first time in my life (Both in real life and on the internet), I am open to any input on this list. I also don't expect this to be new to anyone, I am sure these reasons have been repeated PLENTY of times. These are just my own spin on the them.


I'd like to list reasons that…


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