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True Love

He sits still, with his eyes fastened on her. "She isn't moving a muscle," he thought. Oh how much he wished she would just move a muscle. She's been in this state now for 6 months. Unable to move. Unable

respond. Unable to wake up. Unable to help herself. Unable to live out

her promise of being his wife. Unable to return his love. Oh how much he

wished she would just move a muscle. Today was a really tough day for

him. He couldn't get his mind off some of the things…


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Why so obscure?

Why so full of doubt?

I thought your intellect would have brought clarity.

I thought your knowledge would erase all doubt.

But now I see it all so clearly.

That your obscurity comes from futility.

Futility of intellect

Futility of knowledge

In the end there is only confusion.

When one knows not what to believe

He stands the risk of believing anything

Even if it is obscurity

Thank you for reading. This poem (I don't… Continue

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Why are God's Words so Obscure. Why didn't he make it more clear?

Hello, I'm a Christian. I came across this question a few times and I figure it's probably best to just post some research that I did in the past. Please take the time to rip it apart and let me know what you think.....Have a GREAT Day..

This question is from my friend Shine, this one is for you baby: Isn't it odd that God would deliver his sacred message in a text so ambiguous that it requires "enlightened" reading? What constitutes… Continue

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