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The Most Probable is to be Preferred

I remember sitting in my Bible class during high school and one day asking the teacher why Acts 1 and Matthew 27 have different depictions of Judas' death. Acts says Judas took the money he got for his treachery and bought a field where he fell headlong and spilled out his guts, which is why it is called the Field of Blood. Matthew says he threw his money at the feet of the priests in remorse and went outside and hung himself. The priests decided they couldn't keep the money because it's…


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Some Burning Kind

I woke up early one morning. Though I tried, I couldn't stay in bed. Perhaps there is a moment that everyone experiences where they feel they've found true joy; if it is even a moment. It is only in having experienced that moment that I felt some burning kind of empty now, like a hole inside my head. "The man who doesn't seek love will not find it" my father always said. So I left and drove to Colorado, leaving my aching soul behind. I climbed some windswept mountains and stood upon the…


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