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tax churches

A lot of people are complaining about the failing economy, and they've brought up topics that i agree with. Legalizing brothels making prostitution a safer occupation for people that want to participate in it, legalizing drugs also making it safer for whoever decides to participate in it.

in the end it is consenting adults doing whatever they feel is appropriate and should be allowed to do to themselves. These topics alone would have a lot of discussions on their own, but that's obviously… Continue

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human nature (a message to everyone)

God seems to be the only reason people claim to be socially loving and caring, without god do we really revert to lonesome creatures?

I don't think it's in human nature to be individually separated from everyone, the way churches do and claim otherwise. uniting few and only separating them from the world. But even if the argument was made that men have moved forward through centuries of social stigmas and hundreds of religions. From a "barbaric" alpha dominated, kill or be killed…


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Seizure of individuals

Why is it human tendency to seizure and attach certain individuals to certain doctrines and beliefs? Be they evil men who we want to increase our distance from or extraordinary people we can feel proud to associate with?


We remove their individualistic identity and especially after they have passed on where they can no longer voice their opinion. We attach them with the label he was christian, no he was atheist. Why would it matter? The individual aspect of that persons…


Added by jean Rodriguez on February 3, 2011 at 12:35am — No Comments

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