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The Reason

A recent post by Think Atheist member Aline Carriere titled “Have You Been Saved?” caught my attention while flying over Tulsa, Oklahoma. (That’s right, Delta has Internet on cross country flights now! I’m so happy!) I didn’t agree with everything Aline had to say, but that’s alright. We atheists are allowed to disagree without having to form new “denominations”. Her post tells a story about an… Continue

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On Loss and Belief in an Afterlife

I recently lost a relative, a cousin. I barely knew her, but we had been in the process of reconnecting after nearly 25 years. The circumstances of her life and sudden death are what make it especially poignant to me and are what made me decide to write about it.

First, she was young, only 31. She had a sister only one year older than her and they were very close despite the physical distance of living across the country from each other. They texted each other constantly and had… Continue

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The Eye of God is watching you!

This has apparently been around for a while, but I was introduced to it for the first time this morning in my email inbox.


Dear All:

This photo is a very rare one, taken by NASA. This kind of event occurs once in 3000 years.

This photo has done miracles in many lives.

Make a wish ... you have looked at the eye of God. Surely you will see the changes in your life…

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Ranking Member’s Senate Minority Report on Global Warming Not Credible, says CFI

I used to argue with a group of right wing radical religious fundamentalists about this very issue. They swore up and down that man was "incapable" of affecting the earth's climate through our industries' pollution. They would repeatedly cite cases of areas having the "coldest winter on record" as "evidence" that global warming was a hoax and just a way for "leftists" to make money. I pointed out the actual evidence of the historical temperature records since the industrial revolution showing… Continue

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Ray Comfort is "PROBABLY" Delusional

In his blog today, "When Did Life Appear" , the Spiritual Mac and Cheese master continued his assault on non-believers with his take on science’s use of the word “probably” in reference to evolution and when life began on Earth. He seems to take issue with scientist’s use of such an indefinite word and “probably” thinks they should be as positive…


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Ray Comfort's Pretty Nipples

Ray's Pretty Nipples

The spiritual Mac and Cheese daddy himself, Ray Comfort, is at it again. This time it’s nipples on men. I’m just going to have to let Ray speak for himself. It’s only right to let him fully clarify himself as a moron before berating him as one. Comfort says,

“It’s my guess that God gave men nipples for aesthetic purposes. Without them, an obvious "something"… Continue

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Why Christianity, Comfort?

On May 26, 2009, Ray “Spiritual Mac and Cheese” Comfort posted a blog titled “An atheist’s question”. It’s “a huge post (way too long for the average atheist) ” ; at least that’s what he thinks. Well, I hate to tell Ray this, but it’s not the length of his post that’s off-putting to non-believers like me. If it was in the least bit valid, I’d be reading it eagerly. But as usual, from the beginning, this is another glop of Ray’s spiritual Mac and Cheese; more empty calories to fatten his… Continue

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Losing My Religion

I took a course in Social Psychology this semester and one of our assignments was to write a paper in which we apply one of the concepts we learned to our own lives. I chose the theory of cognitive dissonance and described how I believed that it played a part in my personal loss of faith. I figured it would make a good introduction to who I am and how I came to be an atheist. (edit: I really hate this phrase "how I came to be an atheist". I didn't come to be an atheist. I came to be a Christian… Continue

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The Pretty Face of Modern Prejudice

Prejudice is a dark and ugly side of humanity that we as humans have been struggling against for the better part of recorded history, at least as long as man has been a social animal. Race, gender, religious affiliation (or lack of it), political loyalties, age, physical appearance, sexual preference: the emphasis of the differences among these and other normal human traits and characteristics has been the cause of strife, animosity, tension, division and outright hatred among otherwise… Continue

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Nothing Created Everything?

Ray Comfort has stated on his blog that atheists are like “broken records” repeating the same questions time and again even when answered satisfactorily (if only in the mind of the believer). His main complaint is the “But what created God?” argument in response to the Christian claim that the appearance of design demands a designer.

I understand Comfort’s frustration. It’s exactly the same for the non-believer. We consistently hear the same claims from “True Believers” time and time… Continue

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Ray Comfort Food?

Apparently it was Ray Comfort’s blog that was the source of the email that sparked my desire to do my first blog post. After briefly perusing his site,, and his blog, (I thought this had to be a non-believer’s spoof on him when I first saw that URL…he and I must have different ideas about the value of comfort food), I decided it was definitely the right place to start my blog: a nice easy target on which to hone my writing skills.

For… Continue

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Who's the fool?

Recently I received an email that contained a standard atheistic rant against the bible and another typical response from a "True Believer". I'm not positive, but I believe it's from Ray Comfort's blog. It seemed like as good a piece to start blogging on as any, so I decided to give my response to it. It's short enough, so I'll include the text of the email here.

Atheists Rant

"I have violated some of the strictures in the Bible. I work on Sunday, I wear cotton… Continue

Added by Chris on April 21, 2009 at 11:35am — 11 Comments

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