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Jesus is inside you…and you want me to feel him…?

I decided to post my last blog post on facebook and I just happen to have family in TN, GA, and NC that are all Young Earth Creationists...yay me! My Uncle took the liberty to comment, and here is a little taste; "I'll live for JESUS and die for JESUS...only saying that to let you know he is living…


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Jesus Died How Now?

I’m going to choose to be more serious on this one…sorry! Link to the story on bottom. I think the important question shouldn’t be whether or not Jesus died on a cross but rather, whether or not he even existed? Furthermore, if he did exist, does that still mean the stories that surround him are anything more than mythical exaggerations attached to…


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Sure, you call yourself an Atheist, buuuuut......

Most of us know Christopher Hitchens, but many may not know that he has a brother who is the polar opposite ( Now this I can relate to! My brother moved down to Tennessee to live with… Continue

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Top Hat/Junk Shot don't logical step.....Jesus?

Ello peeps,

Once again the "fine" state of Louisiana and its government remind us that being shaped like a boot and Mardi Gras are the only cool things about their state.…


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Zeus-1 Jesus-0

I actually drove by this on my way up from spring break a couple of months ago. It's Touchdown Jesus, aka Big Butter Jesus aka I can't believe it's not Jesus. Here is what recently occured:


FILE - In this June 26, 2005 file photo, the ...


Flames shoot up from the "King of King's" statue ...

Is it just me or…


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