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How I feel deep inside

Laying in bed staring into a black abyss of darkness. I think to myself what's the point? We're born, we live, we die. Why? What's the point? Is there a god? If there was why would he do this and why would god be male if gender supposedly doesn't matter?

What's the point? We laugh, we smile, we do things we love.. but…


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Everybody has armor. Imagine for a second. The girl sitting next to you wears a chest armor surrounded in chains to protect her heart. The boy next to you wears a mouth guard to protect others from his innocent opinions that are considered evil. Thay both have armor. We all do. Some even have swords in their backs. I have a quote I just love.…


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Me, myself, and what the hell am I doing?

This seems cool, hope I don't disappoint people hahaha

I went through my life with an amazing Christian nana. I went to church and I would stand there. I would sing even though I can't, and I would pray with all my heart for everybody. But it felt like I was only there to go to heaven like I was…


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