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Rain gauge Earth


We live in a rain gauge... Figuratively of course. But are you still curious what I'm on about? Well, allow me to elaborate. Sometimes I hear believers claim that life on Earth is so miraculous that only a divine being could explain it. There are actually scientific explanations that explain life rather well. But I am mainly…


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For God so loved the world…


…that he deemed that all are deserving of eternal torment. Look at the person on your left, your right, behind you, in the mirror. Picture them engulfed in the agony of never-ending fire. Picture yourself meeting that same fate.

What about your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, brother,…


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Hard > Easy



Sometimes I hear it said that I'm only an atheist because, "That's the easy thing to do." That people are non-believers because they are lazy. These people will claim that the faithful are the ones walking the hard road... That belief means that…


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