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Why is it..?

I don't understand something that I do. I use the phrase "goddamnit". Alot. In fact, it's my default expression of anger or frustration.

What I don't understand is why I say it. I didn't plan to. I didn't sit down one day and decide, "from now on 'goddamnit' is the phrase". It just came out, so to speak.

This is curious to me because I no longer believe there is a god to damn people. I no longer believe that people can be damned. And I no longer believe there is a place to… Continue

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Some things never change

I'm always amused and befuddled by some things. For example, my wife is a nominal Christian who takes great exception to my renunciation of the faith. Last night she saw me perusing the pages of this web site and began giving me some grief about it. What befuddles me is that all of her consternation is not over my personal belief or lack thereof, but over how it impacts her. What will others think, ect. Never once has she expressed any Christian concern about my soul. It just puzzles me.

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A little advice

I was going to put this on my wall, but it's too long. What's on my mind tonight is to warn those of you who have kids that have kids to think about it before you say yes to them moving back home. 

My son-in-law cheated on my daughter and then moved her back home with my wife and me. (He's in the military and happened to be moving from one location to another when it the affair came out, so they agreed to move her and the kids "home" instead of with him to his new assignment.)…


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