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At the advice of several individuals, I've done an online search for hostels and shelters in my area. I've found a hostel in a vaguely close location, but all the shelters I've found are about fifty miles away. And some of those are as bad as my parents - they probably wouldn't hit me for talking back to them, but being religious institutions there'd be a lot of pressure on me to convert.

Still, it's not all bad. I've found an interfaith place (their allies include a Unitarian… Continue

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How to train your dogs-er, kids.

Want to know how to program your kids to be mindless obedience machines? Look no further than this book:

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Best. Speech. Ever.

"Let this be a lesson to all of you: ideas are very dangerous things. You are mindless, soil-shopping losers, put on this Earth to serve us."

And the response:

"You're wrong. We are not meant to serve you. I've seen these people do great things, and year after year they've managed to earn money for themselves and you. So who is the weaker species? My people don't serve you. It's you who need us."

Too bad that the original speech was about ants and grasshoppers,… Continue

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Having an incredibly shallow moment here...

But I want to have Zac Efron's children, for several reasons:

1: He's stinking gorgeous. Sure, his car in 17 Again had one of those tweeting locks, but the gorgeous makes up for it.

2: I realize that he is an actor, and was paid to do it, but his abstinence speech in 17 Again was beautiful.

3: He's apparently agnostic.

4: There's just… Continue

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I love my little brother..

He's being raised by fundamentalist Christians, but they haven't completely eaten his brains yet:

The other day, I mentioned to him something about evolution and why Young Earth Creationists deny it. "They say that it breaks the Second Law of Thermodynamics," I said, "because for life to become more complex, the Earth would have to have some kind of enormous energy source nearby."

He thought about it for a bit.

In just a few seconds, he responded with the… Continue

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One Day At A Time

Do you remember
When you walked among men?
Well, Jesus, you know
If you're looking below
It's worse now than then...

The question is, dear Cindy, do you remember when Jesus walked among men? The priesthood was corrupt, health care was practically nonexistant, and Jesus' best friends were thieves and prostitutes. In the end he was tried, convicted and executed for a crime that didn't exist.

Explain to me: how are things worse?

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The Problem of Evil, Extended

If Evil was made by the Fall, whenceforth was Eve tempted?

That sums it up right there.

Some Christians say that evil did not exist until the Fall - that all suffering and sin came about as a result of Eve's choice to disobey God. That sounds reasonable, right?


Imagine a world where there is no sin. Everything is perfect. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the lion is gettin' cuddly with that lamb over there (but not… Continue

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No U

When someone leaves Christianity, why are other Christians so quick to blame them or the church?

I recently had a discussion with a Christian via YouTube PMs, and while she was very nice, she had one little flaw. She had to blame me/my family/the church for my leaving Christianity. She insinuated that our entire doctrine was faulty, that I had been forced into Christianity, and that I had never felt Jesus or God in my life. She said that she believed that I was a "false convert… Continue

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