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Common Misconceptions of "religion name goes here"

For those who aren't familiar with the legal concept of the "fruit of the poisonous tree" in regard to evidence; I'll summarize. If information is gathered through any means that is not legal then any conclusions made from that information or additional information, regardless of the validity, is also not legal and can not be used as argument. That is a very quick paraphrase of a much more complex ideal. 

It does, however, apply to dogma. I regularly read discussions here on points…


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SIF-less is not a sexually transmitted disease

Why religion?

A starting point could be a discussion of what are three principle reasons that lead humans to any superstition:




or as I call it SIF


This is normal. You are selfish. I am selfish. Everyone is selfish. Ok, more accurately self-centered. The human mind only makes decisions - all decisions - based on a simple rule = toward pleasure and away from pain. You may say that sacrifice in its… Continue

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If ever oh ever a wiz there was . . .

I am the proud owner of the recently released 70th Anniversary Blu-ray version of "The Wizard of Oz." No doubt those of you that must suffer me in person are tired of hearing about the wonderful work that was done on it, multiple scans of the original film negatives, re-mastering of the music to 5 X 1 surround, etc, blah, blah, blah. However; after watching it and analyzing it (as I do most films) I was dumbfounded by an epiphany. This is not only a classic hero's tale but it is the atheist's… Continue

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A Quick One . . . Word Replacement Game

This sounds so familiar?

"Being true to Jesus' spirit means knowing that a leader has not only rights, but above all duties. Being true to Jesus' spirit means always being a model. "To be a leader is to be an example," just as Jesus and his work are an example for you. Being true to Jesus' spirit means being modest and unassuming. Being true to Jesus' spirit means remaining a thorough Christian in good times and bad. Being a thorough Christian means to think ever and only on the… Continue

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Suffer the children

I originally intended to lead with a discussion of the "spanking sticks" that are offered for sale and even for free on various xtian websites. The Idea is that the correct (xtian) way to encourage positive behavior from children is to use corporal punishment. Admittedly, some of the web sites were neo-nazi's or extreme fundamentalist but if they think it is a good idea then it must be. Specifically, without physical punishment children will grow into vicious monsters. Godless heathens that… Continue

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The Nutball Connection

Recently I was researching a comment from a theist that pointed to a couple of famous examples of atheists that "prove" the evil of not having a dot on your forehead, ending every email with "ihs" or a ponytail that allows the invisible friend to lead your activities in a wholesome and righteous path - or some such nonsense. The two that were mentioned and are the most common in my experience were Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

I'm going to have to disagree on both. For different… Continue

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Take up the tacks! Errr, tax.

There is a common discussion around the proverbial campfire about how we as a society will pay for national debt, health care, education, the elderly, the direct cost of wars, and on and on.

Answer = Tax churches. Not a novel idea but perhaps a twist on the idea.

Let me explain. Any church that has television broadcasts and collects money should be taxed just like any other product being sold. Any radio broadcast that garners cash - taxed. Any public or private gathering… Continue

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Amazed . . .

Perhaps this is just an individual revelation or perhaps it is a common thread but I don't think I have ever publicly or private described myself as atheist before. It is truly frightening and I'm not a person who is easily frightened. I won't bore anyone who might read this with a drawn-out description of my life and travels thus far but suffice it to say - been there, done that. No seriously - rich full life so far.

That being said, why a moment of apprehension at using the "A" word?… Continue

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