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The fastest growing religion in the world...? DERP

Im now sicked of hearing that X religion is the fastest growing one, people think that because his religion has more suscribers is better and more true than others? even when they dont have a clue about what they are talking? that they just hear their preacher said so, so is true and they swallow it up as if where extasis of their mind? an extasis of ignorance?

well see what i found out…


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Living in Venezuela 5 Blind Faith

Well..... Its been a long time since i posted....

today i bring you one of the most wtf tales i got:

i was in school the other day and i where in a really heated discussion with a frien

me> can feel god, you can touch god, you can smell god, you dont have evidence that he was there, you dont have evidence for is interacions with the universe but you still choose to believe in him, thats the same that i decided to believe i fairies right now, but you are soo… Continue

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Living in Venezuela. Logic is on religion side.

I was in school like a week ago and i bumped into a chair and almost felt down

then Jesus ( a friend named Jesus, its a very common name here) told me:

-did you see it?

-see what? <me

-you dindt feel down! because god dint want you to fell!

-wtf? <me

-if you had fell down you will have died! god saved you

-ehh, no. i dindt fell down because i holded this chair, and even if i had fell down i would havent died <me

-thats soo improbable

- so realy, you… Continue

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Monday Survey Results!!! ...(late)

The results are now here!!!

like most of you may know, I, FrancoP, was doing a survey on chatroulette to see the percentage of Theism, (all religions and supernatural included) versus atheism, and after days of running this survey the resulst are now ready



and here are a few quotes from people

Confused… Continue

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I am an Homophobic. (an im sorry for it)

yeah, i think i sumarized all in the title...

dont get me wrong, i dont hate gays, they have total right to decide whom to love and theres nothing no one can do

to stop that right.

but i fell akward around them (like standig when a woman is breastfeeding)

i know gay people and i respect them, now i do.

when i was a christian i used to hate them, with real hate, i was something that was wrong to my eyes.

i usualy sayed with my friends that if i have a gay son i… Continue

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Im doing a Survey!

ok, real quick.

ive been doing for the last 2 days a survey on atheism on chatroulette!
is really simple.
im asking to people if they belive in god, gods or the supernatural and why!
keep forward for the results next monday!

its going A LOT better than i have expected.

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LIVING IN VENEZUELA 3 Faith punch or Doubt punch?

ok, this was after my decomversion.

im really open whit my friends about my atheism, and im a really lucky atheist!!!

for being in a really fucked up christian country, here in my school there is 5 atheist!s!! (one made by me!! YAY)

soo yeah...

i was in school someday and me and the godless league( lol thats how the call us) where in a real thight disscusion, we where really dominanting the discussion! every thing that they sayed whe debunked it with all ease,

i… Continue

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Insane Clown Posse What The Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

today i was in my laptop, chilling around, after school... until something happened.

today i died a little inside

today i wached insane clown posse videoclip


go wacht it

and you know whats the worst?

thats this is exactly how i see christianity and any other religion

as ignorants, as fools…


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Living in VENEZUELA faith education

Venezuela is listed as a secular country, so i still wonder how this can happen

when i was starting school whe had a teacher, she was a mexican and was very religious,

she made us pray every morning

one of my friends wasnt christian, and the theacher still forced him to pray

i dint understand when i was little but now i remenber this things and i am horrified


religion was a ( i dont know the word, its was like math or english, a normal class) that… Continue

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Living in Venezuela. (my first blog)

This is my first blog ever, and what im will try to do is to write all my experienses regarding to religion in a series of post.

first, lest talk about Venezuela( Vzn from now)

Ahh, Vzn, where you get killed and for everyone your soul got to heaven

where something happens to you and is for a reason (good or bad)

where god helps you in everything

where Jesus is waching you masturbate

Vzn is a christian country (i think in the same way as islam… Continue

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