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Sunday Morning Service - 30AUG

Sunday Morning Service

30 AUG 2009

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Trying to Make Science Respectable Again

Biomorph: The evolution of a pixel and the understanding of natural selection.…


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Congress Goes to Recess - Secular Successes and Failures So Far This Year

Congress at Recess As nonbelievers I think 'separation of church and state' issues tend to show up on our radar much more easily than it does for believers. Too few believers realize that separation of church and state is what allows them to practice their flavor of Christianity. So many who push for more Christian influence in government don't seem to realize that they might end up disagreeing with the flavor that comes to power. If only more believers realized this, I think we would have so many more… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 23AUG

Sunday Morning Service

23 AUG 2009

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The Believer and the Apostate

A Spectacular Look At The Night Sky - Click the image to zoom-in!…


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Sunday Morning Service - 16AUG

Sunday Morning Service

16 AUG 2009

Links of Interest

Leading the Way in Kiva Lending

Creationists believe the darndest things!…


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Gallup: Most Religious States and Least Religious States

Religious Identity: States Differ Widely

August 7, 2009 - by Frank Newport

Click any picture to see it in its native size.

The states of the union differ remarkably from one another in terms of their residents' religions. Non-Catholic Christians -- the largest religious group in the country today…

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Reality Checks, Fact Checks, and Health Care

We've had some discussions about health care recently. I've recently found a few things I think are worth sharing, so thought I'd do a little resurrection of the topic.

For a great piece of satire, or maybe irony... Or maybe he's going for reverse-psychology... Check out this Newsweek article by Jonathan Alter. One… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 09AUG

Sunday Morning Service

09 AUG 2009

Links of Interest

God Has Low Self-Esteem

Feds Can Seize Dinosaur Adventure Land…


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2010 Mythicist Prize: $1000 Up For Grabs!

Announcing the 2010 Mythicist Prize

The Mythicists’ Forum, a consortium of New Testament scholars, together with American Atheists, Inc., are pleased to announce the 2010 Mythicist Prize.


The sum of $1,000 (U.S.) will be awarded to the author of a… Continue

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Its Time For Some New Currency

Oh what a mistake it was adding 'In God We Trust' to the United States currency.

It started with coins in 1864, gained new legs with the motto in 1956, then made its debut on paper currency in 1957.

Before and After

Isn't is about time we think about updating our currency? And while we are at it, shouldn't we drop this blatant violation of the first… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 02AUG

Sunday Morning Service

02 AUG 2009

Links of Interest

The Soap Bubble Nebula

Was the Bard… Continue

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duelity Duelity provides a different take on creation versus evolution. With a slightly humorous, and definitely ironic reversal of roles. The creation story is told in a very scientific manner, while the big bang and evolution story is told in a poetic religious manner.

Besides this seeming like a fairly unique idea, the creators have made the two videos so that you can watch them separately, or at the same time.…


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