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Sunday Morning Service - 26JUL

Sunday Morning Service

26 JUL 2009

Links of Interest

Understanding atheism may break down prejudices

Teen births and STDs spiked under Bush…


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Sunday Morning Service - 19JUL

Sunday Morning Service

19 JUL 2009

Links of Interest

Swearing can reduce the feeling of pain.

Ron Britton dismantles the OneNewsNow article… Continue

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[UPDATED] Thousands of Tax Payer Dollars to Add Engraving to Capitol Visitor Center

How irresponsible and wasteful! No matter which side of the political teater-totter you sit on, most of us aren't happy with the current financial situation; both in the economy and in the government. I'm no financial whiz, but I know that right now the government should not be spending thousands (or more likely tens of thousands) of dollars of tax payer money to add a few engravings to the United States Capitol Visitor Center (CVC) (… Continue

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I went to my second atheist get-together this weekend. Found via!

Had a great time hanging out with some like-minded people, and lots of interesting discussions.

I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but I'm just really excited about finding a group in my area. So felt the need to share; and to recommend MeetUp since it provided me that opportunity. If you're looking for a group in your area and haven't found one yet, you should check it… Continue

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Sunday Morning Service - 12JUL

Sunday Morning Service

12 JUL 2009

Links of Interest

Coming Out Atheist vs. Coming Out Gay

Is there a place for atheists in… Continue

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Ireland Makes Blasphemy Illegal

Ireland Makes Blasphemy Illegal

July 9, 2009 by Pastor Mike

Irish atheists are horrified by new legislation making blasphemy illegal, and punishable by a 25,000-Euro fine. Christians of all stripes should be, too.

As part of a revision to defamation legislation, the Dail (Irish Parliament) passed legislation…

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"Imagine No Religion" is Blasphemous?

Freedom From Religion Foundation ( recently put up a billboard near Pell City, Alabama. One of their classics, pulling from a line in one of John Lennon's songs: "Imagine No Religion."

The sign is located on east-bound I-20 just past the Pell City exit. Atheist billboards really are nothing new, especially to… Continue

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