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The Deception of Belief

Recently I was in a debate on religion with ex-family members. And as always the theists were unable to argue away their inconsistencies or contradictions that are in the bible that shows it was written by men. The ending result like most debates on religion I've gotten into ended with this line "I'll believe what I want and you can believe what you want..."

This "right to belief" continued to bug me, but why?

I got to thinking, why does that not only bother me, but…


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Romney's running mate energizes both sides... I bet it did.

This morning, Romney has introduced a unique stimulus package, where as selecting his running mate will create a wider sector for comedians, and thus generate more money for them, which will generate more tax revenue... 

It's called "Trickle Out Laughter Economics", where the steady pace of jokes will boost the economy...

As Romney and Obama, are pretty much identical in polices I didn't give a flying turd about who would win, short of not…


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Freedom of Speech

I've seen so many groups get all upset over different issues ranging from the Occupy Wall Street movement to anti-war protesters to Creationist propaganda.  I also see from time to time the hate spewed by the Westboro Baptist Church and I cringe each time. I've seen people accuse and believe political propaganda and spout off repeated twists of the truth to serve their own agenda knowing its a lie. I've seen people con others into scams, political ideology and all around social nonsense. But…


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I’ve seen and heard the new breed of skeptics, where any idea or hypothesis is presented with little to no evidence, backed with a statement about how the government is hiding something or the “evidence” is top-secret. Or somebody posts a well made video on Youtube that explains some claim, with the caption “I was skeptical, but here’s proof!!” For a while now my first response was seriously!?! All you need is a video or a claim?

I’ve seen many people use the “skeptic” label to…


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The Founding Fathers were Secularists.

I hear Christians and those on the "right" making the claim of how we should return our country to the way it was when the founding fathers started it. As if the founding fathers created the United States to be a Christian nation, they didn't. Most of the people who came to America prior to the creation of the United States and after, will cite their coming to the US for economic and/or religious freedom and this is well documented. In the case of religious freedom, one has to ask: if the…


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