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Building a Community of Reason

Yesterday I attended the 2nd annual Philadelphia Coalition of Reason (PhillyCoR) Picnic. PhillyCoR is an umbrella organization which unites several freethought, Humanist, atheist, and secular organizations together. The picnic was a great way to mix all of our respective groups together and to engage in intellectual dialog, brainstorming, and just some pleasant conversation.
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Release Everyone from Prison!

America has a real prison problem and I have the perfect solution. You might even say that it was divinely inspired… because I got the idea from the Bible. I think we should let everyone in the prisons go and I’ll take their place. I will serve a trillion year sentence so that everyone else can go free. I will sacrifice my freedom so that all who believe in me should be set free.
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Staks v. Lemon

In 1971, the Supreme Court ruled on the case of Lemon v. Kurtzman. The court ruled that public school money could not fund private religious school text books and salaries. But more importantly than that, this case created what has been called the “Lemon Test.”
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Atheist evangelist converts Philadelphia

Saturday night, atheist evangelist Sam Singleton held congregation at the Philadelphia Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square. His two act comedy show called “Patriarchs and Penises” was delivered in Sam’s signature old time preacher style with a modern flair.
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Atheism 101: Does it take more faith to be an atheist?

I hear it all the time, “it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to believe in God.” This popular Christian argument claims that in order for atheists to reject the claim that god exists, we must first know everything that there is to know.
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You Can’t See The Wind

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The other day, I got an e-mail from a Christian claiming that I should believe in God even though I can’t see him. After all, I can’t see the wind either and yet I surely believe in the wind, right?
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